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An efficient way to read a lot of L:Vars?

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Okay, Attached is a picture of my situation. I  had to change the offset from 66CD to 66CF as, for some strange reason, was affecting 66CB. 66CB is used to be able to send alphanumeric characters to an FMC (actually its FS's default GPS500 with an CDU keypad).  It worked fine until I added this lvar-to-offset logic - then things went badly. I separated the logic and restored the original FSUIPCShow.lua and added spokes2112.lua. FSUIPCShow.lua now works as intended - whew. I copied the above example from spokes2112's lua, with the exception of using 66CF as the offset. As can be seen by the attached screenshot, 66CF is not receiving, thus not displaying the data - ugh!


Okay, figured it out. I guess I had an old version of FSUIPC (4.84) installed and it seems to not have the event.lvar option. I haven't had the need to update - until now. But shouldn't still there be a way to do this without the event.lvar option? If so, how?

Okay! Final update: I was looking at Lvar_vasFMC.lua and where is what I got working without the event.lvar (good because I primarily use FS9): I suppose the "while 1 do" was required. Now I can  "ipc.sleep" :) 

while 1 do

  FDValue = ipc.readLvar("L:CpitCmdrSetValue")





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Well... sad to say, the above works great with FSX, but NOT with FS9. Hm... what could be the reason (the ipc.readLvar) not available in FS9's FSUIPC (v3.999z9)?

Well, don't I feel a bit silly. I had forgotten that I had assigned the throttle axis to 66D0. I did this so I could use the throttle axis to control up to 4 engine throttles, either together or separately as well as prop pitch, mixture, cowl flaps, flaps and spoiler. Re-assigned to 0x66E0 and all it well. 


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16 minutes ago, buick552 said:

where can we get the full LVARs list of PMDG's B738? .. or .. maybe I should ask first.. is there any legal problems if I ask my first question? I am a fully licenced PMDG B738 owner.

You can either:
 - assign a button or key to the List Local Panel Vars control and use that
 - use the lua script log lvars.lua, included in the lua examples zip (in your FSUIPC documents folder).


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