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P3D v4 crashes only with Radar Contact v4 running

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Hi John,

I've been plagued all this week with P3D v4.4 and v4.5 crashing either when lining up on the runway, or on rotation. It's just happened again now. Earlier today I flew circuits departing 27L at EGLL and landing back on the same runway. TRied dofferent times and dates. All were absolutely fine.

The only difference in the flight that crashed was I was running Radar Contact v4. It runs via WideFS on a separate PC. When P3D crashed RC still ran and was telling me to ack take-off clearance. The error was KERNELBASE.dll which probably doesn't provide much help.

I had a quick chat with Pete and he says RC does all sorts of things when the aircraft is lining up like checking for Ai and perhaps trying to control them. I also have a LUA module named AiFreezer in Modules to stop incursions when you're landing. Looking at the code it only appears to activate after you land. Suspicious? Hard to say.

I had 241 Ai in the bubble when the crash happened. 189 on the ground and 52 airborne. Having completed all these circuits without any problem I feel the problem is linked to RC4 and the amount of Ai  in the sim.

I'm running FSUIPC5 v5.151b. The fsuipc.log is attached if it helps. Happy to provide any other info you want and Pete may be able to assist with his knowledge of RC4 which he used for many years.


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Hi again John. I reduced Ai to 50% and was able to take-off without a crash. This problem is definitely related to the amount of Ai and the impact it's having on RC4 which in fairness would never have been an issue back in 2006 when we tested it.

I see in another topic you're going to install AIG traffic and RC4. I look forward to your findings.

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