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Callsign Information Tool for Tower!3D Pro


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Especially with custom schedules it can happen that unknown or changed callsigns are used. If you want to look up a callsign while playing, you will often not find it in official databases.

With the Callsign Information Tool you can upload the provided airlines file and search for callsigns quickly and easily while playing.

(Please note that this website is not optimized for mobile devices.)

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The Link removed has moved to a free hosting provider.

This means
1. no Secure Sockets Layer Certificate anymore, so all data will be transmitted unencrypted. This should not be a problem, as the tool can be operated without entering personal, security-relevant data.
2. no fancy background photo due to web traffic restrictions. That shouldn't be a problem either, the background image couldn't hide the ugly appearance anyhow.

But this also means
1. I no longer have to spend money every month and the tool remains available. This is not only beneficial for my wallet but hopefully for you as well.
2. I can ensure that the Website remains free from ads and other unwanted data-gathering services. I simply can't stand advertising, tracking tools, unnecessary cookies and such nonsensical stuff.

I hope you agree with my decision and continue to use and enjoy the Link removed.

NOTE: The website is not optimized for mobile devices. Please leave a brief comment if you think that using a mobile device is absolutely irrevocable and undoubtedly indispensable.

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I have updated the Link removed.

In addition to the Airlines file, it is now also possible to search the file for GA and Local Traffic.
This means that you can now also find (using the ICAO code) the callsigns for local and other airlines that the schedule creator has stored in this file.
You can also search for callsigns of GA flights (e.g. N5383RT, if included) if you are unsure how to pronounce the callsign. Furthermore it will be shown if e.g. a Low Approach or Stop and Go is planned.
If no special approach is planned, Regular procedure will be displayed. (This is estimated to be 99.999% of the time! 😉) Local airlines will always display Regular procedure.

I hope this will be useful for one or the other.

Happy controlling! 😎

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