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FlyBy view assignement

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No, I don't think you can assign to change to a specific view. Generally you assign a button to the 'VIEW_MODE' control, which will cycle through the 7 view modes (Cockpit, Outside, Tower, Aircraft, Runway, Air Traffic and Sensor) and then another to the 'NEXT_SUB_VIEW', which cycles through the sub-views of the selected view mode. As the controls provided only allow you to cycle through the different modes, I don't think its possible to toggle to a specific view.

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This is for FSX, unsure w/ P3D, assuming it should be very similar.

<sim closed>
1) Open up your cameras.cfg in a plain text editor. (C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX) A backup might be a very good idea.
2) Go through each camera entry ( [CameraDefinition.XXX] ) and note if the section has this entry - HotKeySelect="#"
3) Make a note of each of the entries. Their camera type (Title = <type>)  & the HotKeySelect number.
4) Go to the "Title=FlyBy" CameraDefinition entry and add the following line to the bottom of that section ( Only if not already provided! ) -  HotKeySelect=XX, where XX is the next available number from the list you made in step 3. Save the file.
<start sim>
5) Assign your flyby view button in FSUIPC as - VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_XX, where XX is the new number you provided in step 4, or the number already listed in step 3. 

NOTE - The camera.cfg in Appdata is the "global" camera. Any aircraft designer can override the global HotKeySelect numbers in their own CameraDefintion(s) residing in the aircraft.cfg. It does happen, but rare.  😼  Shame on them.

P3D reference here

Works great for me..


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