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Starting default FSX 737 using FSUIPC assigned controls

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I am new to the forum so if I am not doing things right, sorry I am learning. I am trying to start the default 737 in FSX using assigned controls and buttons with FSUIPC to buttons on my CH Throttle quadrant, ie, starter switches on overhead panel and fuel control levers on throttle quadrant. I have read in many places that due to the 2D views and VC view this is a problem? I do not wanna have to assign AUTOSTART as this really takes away from the realism. I have all the accessories ie, rudder pedals, throttle quadrant, flight yoke, all the Saitek panels to include multiple FIP,s. At all cost I am trying to avoid having to use the keyboard or mouse. I am familiar with assigning controls to buttons, however from what I understand the default 737 and 747 because of the views and configurations, this is a problem, why have controls? Does anyone know a workaround for this. I mainly fly the 737 and 747 so this is important to me. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. 



Ron Weeks

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FSUIPC assignable controls are almost all just FSX assignable controls. The drop down list is actually generated by reading the list from FSX, so that it kept up to date with any changes.

There are a number of specialised controls added by FSUIPC, complementing the fSX ones plus adding ones specific to FSUIPC facilities.

The easiest way to find which controls to assign is as follows:
1. In FSUIPC's Logging tab, enable Event Logging (not the Axis Events).
2. Proceed to start the engines using the mouse of the displayed gauges/switches.
3. check the FSUIPC4.LOG (in the Modules folder) to see which controls were used.

To make this easier to see, try running FSX in Windowed mode and, in the FSUIPC4 Logging tab, check the option for "console log". Then you can see what is happening in real time, in the on-screen log.



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