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Custom Schedule Tutorial???

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3 minutes ago, thepropilot747 said:

also can anyone with FR24 silver or up go to December 24 and 25 and take screenshots of the schedule so I can make a Christmas 2019 Schedule please

You’ve asked this multiple times and we’ve already said the data is not available - it only goes back two days at the airport level. 

But if it were available, do you really understand what you’re asking? Do you have any idea how many flights and pages/screenshots that would be?

How do you plan on creating this schedule? Manually typing it in?

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@707FAN Kev, as and when they are released I do add them to the Master File Excel sheet (use the drop down filter). General rule of thumb is if its got a # in it or a weird character, its made up

But use excel/openoffice calc, as it is a lot easier 🙂

It’s really time to start your own thread. You’ve hijacked this one enough.    You’re putting very little effort into doing anything on your own. If you really want to learn something you’ll lo

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Just now, thepropilot747 said:

 the FR24 silver at least goes back up to 90 days and Christmas 2019 was less than 90 days ago. And yes I am aware with the issues and amounts of screenshots but I think I am willing to do it

It goes that far back at a flight or aircraft level. But only two days for a full airport schedule. 

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2 minutes ago, thepropilot747 said:

Ok thanks for the suggestion I will try

I definitely agree and think you need to tap the brakes a little and understand everything involved first. Your “enthusiasm” is great but there’s a lot more involved than you realize - especially if you want to build an authentic quality schedule. 

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4 minutes ago, thepropilot747 said:

Yes I see thanks for your advice. I will try some smaller current schedules and get a feel for it. Tjhanks

Perhaps set up a new thread relating to help with the schedule that you are creating, when you run into any issues

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2 minutes ago, thepropilot747 said:

wow okay I will not do Christmas unless Bill Gates decides to pay the bill also are the prices in USD or New Zealand dollars

FlightAware has 14 days of flights at the airport level for free. So, yes, a Christmas 2019 schedule is not a financially wise decision. However, when you’re ready to build a schedule using real data, FlightAware is where I’d recommend you start. 

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