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Custom Schedule Tutorial???


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8 hours ago, thepropilot747 said:

So a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel? If that is what you mean then no because I don’t feel like paying for a spreadsheet program

Many free and good 'MS Offiice-like' products with a spreadsheet ('Excel').  These free products are the only word/number/figure-processing programs I've used for 14+ years 

Try -

Apache OpenOffice - https://www.openoffice.org/

LibreOffice - https://www.libreoffice.org/

G Suite (Google's 'Office') - https://gsuite.google.com/ (get Sheets for spreadsheet activities)

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Remember all the lax text files work together. Whatever line you put in the schedule, will need to be checked that the airline is in the airlines file, the airport is in the airport file, the plane is in the airplane file and the airline is in the terminal file. 

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I usually start here:
Airlines (https://airlinecodes.info/)
Airports (https://www.world-airport-codes.com/)
Then I check if the information matches with Wikipedia. (https://en.wikipedia.org/)
If not, I extend the search with the search engine of my choice. (https://www.qwant.com/)
If I cannot resolve a discrepancy even after an intensive search, I usually go with the Wikipedia information.

This is just an example of how I proceed. It does not mean that it should or even has to be done this way.

Edit: If you watch a playback of a flight on e.g. Flightradar24, you can easily get the IATA and ICAO code.

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30 minutes ago, thepropilot747 said:

OK thanks also what RC airport do I need to buy to get Atlas Air  747 livery

It’s really time to start your own thread. You’ve hijacked this one enough. 

You’re putting very little effort into doing anything on your own. If you really want to learn something you’ll look into software like @scoobflight mentioned and you can self-serve  

This thread is for learning how to do something yourself. That hasn’t happened  the last 5 pages or so. 

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