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Problem with cmd line params using external program facility in FSUIPC4

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Hi Pete/John;

I've been trying to get OpusFSI to run using the FSUIPC Run= facility, and I kept getting an error=2 when I tried to run it with a command line parameter per the documentation. 

The advanced user doc says: "If the program needs command-line parameters these can be included by enclosing the whole value in quotes, so that the space(s) needed don't cause problems."  It appears that guidance is in error...if the space and command line param are placed inside the quotes, it appears to be trying to use the parameter as part of the file name.

If I use:


the program runs, but in its default (P3D) mode.  To run it in FSX:SE mode, it needs the command line parameter " STEAM" appended to the command line.  But if I try to run it with this line:


I get an unable to run line in the log with error=2, which I understand is a file not found error.  If I add the command line param after the quotes, as below, it loads as intended, in FSX:SE mode:



Bob Scott


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I would hazard to guess this may work, similar to batch or lua ext.shell(path, options) -



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