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FsFrequencyCOM and P3D4 Comm Offsets


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Experimenting using the FsFrequencyCOM and am getting overflow exceptions when I try to use the P3D4 Offsets (0x05C4, 0x05C8, 0x05CC and 0x05D0).   I assume that this is because they are uint instead of ushort.  Any plans to extend FsFrequencyCOM to handle these, so I can represent a frequency of 132.925 without fiddling with xxx.x2 is really xxx.x25?

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Those new offsets in FSUIPC5 won't work with the FsFrequencyCOM class.

The documentation says that the new offsets store the frequency in Hz rather than the old BCD format. So you just need to read the offset as a normal Int and divide by 1,000,000 to get the frequency in the more common Mhz units.

The frequency helper classes was added to help people with encoding and decoding to/from the old BCD format. Because the new offsets are not in BCD I can't really add support for them in the same class in a way that makes sense. The new format is very easy to use now so there really isn't a need for the helper class any more.


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