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How to install and choose custom schedules?


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Hello all,

I am very new to Tower 3D Pro and am trying to install the KLAX custom schedule. What I understand is you are supposed overwrite the default schedule to be able to have the custom one in play?

Only one problem, I cannot find the KLAX folder AT ALL! Apparently it is in the Tower 3D Pro/Extensions folder but I do not have an extension folder, just mmwindow and tower_3d_Data. I have the steam version, so I uninstalled it and re-installed it, and i STILL only have those two folders. So I create a folder Extensions, add 'Airfields' folder and in there make one called 'KLAX', but then I realised that isn't going to work as the default schedule will still be in use.

I cannot understand how I am getting the default schedules in game yet the folders for the airports are non-existant, so I cannot install the custom KLAX schedule without even knowing where the folder is, which it must be somewhere if the game is reading it. 

I did a search in the D drive where Steam and the sim is installed to, and searched for 'KLAX' and came back with nothing!?

Can anyone please help me as this is driving me up the wall! 😄



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1 hour ago, hexzed said:

Firrst of all do you have the Real Traffic addon?

Ah, which was another question I had, do these custom schedules need Real Traffic and the Colour add ons? 

I'll take that as I need the Real Traffic addon and purchase it, is there any further steps or will that give me what I need to install the KLAX custom schedule?

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