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Strange issue with Flysimware LJ35

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Hi there! 

I guess this issue is not FSUIPC related directly, but I am trying to understand what's behind. 

With the earlier version of the Lear everything was fine. Events were mapped through FSUIPC and worked fine. The spoiler on this aircraft is on /off type using a switch, which uses a G1000 PFD softkey event to operate (or direct operation via clickspot of course). 

Since the latest update of the Lear I can only operate the spoiler exactly one cycle, means, extend once, retract once, and then it's stuck. After that, the switch is still operated, but has no effect (also clicking the switch in the VC does nothing, so it's clearly an issue with the aircraft). 

But, and here FSUIPC comes into play, if I start FSUIPC and close it by just clicking OK, the spoiler again works for exactly one cycle. This procedure works every time. So my question is, what happens when you just start FSUIPC and close it again right after? How could this affect an event like this spoiler operation? 



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Hi Matthias,

On 8/16/2019 at 12:03 PM, MatzeH84 said:

what happens when you just start FSUIPC and close it again right after?

It will rescan your devices.

Does it also start working when you click the switch in the VC after opening/closing FSUIPC?

It does sound like an issue with your add-on LJ35. You could try logging non-axis events and button presses (from the FSUIPC logging tab). This may show if something different is being sent after the spoiler retract.




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You sometimes feel pretty dumb when you were trying to solve a problem for a longer period of time, and find out you overlooked the obvious.
I logged the keypresses, and the sent command stayed the same. I then opened the FSUIPC.ini to see if I could see anything there, and discovered that, although no spoiler axis was assigned, I still had the spoiler in the joystick configuration configured. Pressed reset, e voila, spoilers work as intended.

So after all your tips helped to find the error in the end- many thanks John for your support!



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