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ADIRS on a Second Monitor


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Hi FS1TR or anybody who is still dealing with this topic, has anybody since the last message was made have any success taking the ADIRS and moving it to a second monitor while the "main game" is still on the first monitor? I tried what was mentioned by clicking on the little box on top of the ADIRS.. it did enlarge it on the screen and I was able to move it a little more off the screen but still not onto the 2nd screen .. and then the program eventually crashed.  Let me know if you have had successes.  Thanks, Ashlee

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Yes I do have Norton Antivirus  on and also Acronis. I am running an IMAC with Parallels 12 (I have not yet upgraded to 15) so as default both my screens have the "imac" desktop image. When I open parallels (and it works because I can move my curser and move files freely between both monitors)  and launch Windows 10, the 2nd monitor stays  with the imac image and does not change to my Windows 10 desktop. (I hope that makes sense).. so this may also be a parallels issue... but... what I would like to know from any smart people on this message site... if I were  to hypothetically  be running this game on a pc.. using windows 10 ... with a second monitor where both screens would then have the windows desktop... would the Feelthere software do what I want it to do... or does the Feelthere software itself not allow the ADIRS window to to be seperated from the main game... 

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17 hours ago, AshleeL said:

Yes I do have Norton Antivirus  on and also Acronis. I am running an IMAC with Parallels 12 (I have not yet upgraded to 15)


turn off all antivirus and firewalls as these may miss-identify Tower!3D's windows are malicious programs and/or popups.


you are running a windows emulator (aka, Parallels) so it may not correctly be able to display a program designed for a native Win7/10 environment.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. I will try disabling the antivirus and see if that works. At some point I will upgrade to the new parallels and also talk to them if I can get a '"truer" Windows double monitor situation.. and last resort which is very very last.. buy a windows pc to play this game (that may not happen lol... but lets try some other things first).  Thanks again. Ashlee

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