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Need 64-bit fsuipc_java.dll file?

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Does anyone have a 64 bit dll file provided in the FSUIPC_SDK? 

There's no way from my knowledge to convert a 32 bit dll to a 64 bit dll. So I am kinda out of luck 😞

I'm trying to give my Jar to other people so that they can use my discord channel changer, but unfortunately it also means that they need a 32 bit JVM installed. 

Pete I'm not sure if you're the one who made the fsuipc_java.dll file but if possible updating it would be awesome.

Appreciate all the help!


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Hi Crazz,

According to the documentation, the FSUIPC java interface was provided by Mark Burton (mark.burton@zenobyte.com). All sources are provided, so it should be possible to update this to a 64-bit dll. I can add to the SDK if anyone wants to take this on, otherwise I could take a look at some point but it will be quite a while before I have time to look into this. 




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You could also compile your jar as a 32-bit "one-jar" and provide that. But it does look like your users would need to install a 32-bit JVM as well.

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