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Randomizing GA (and the rest?)... Feature.


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I suspect this has come up likely many times, but one thing I'd like to see is a feature for the schedules that allows GA to be randomized within them. Lots of GA show up at very flexible times in real life and it'd be great if they mucked up the works a bit more than they do right now. Perhaps there could be a way to enter them into a schedule that allows for feeding each GA into that schedule over a period of time. I haven't taken the time yet to look much into schedules, but perhaps this entry could be modified:


And support something like this:

KSAT, KSAN, 07:34-9:32, PAG, N560US, 0, 0, 0, 560US,  FIVE SIX ZERO UNIFORM SIERRA

Again, no idea how that might work given the amount of time someone plays, but having each GA on a flexible schedule could make things more immersive. Perhaps even the commercials could benefit from that by giving them a MUCH smaller window so that sometimes AAL602 comes in before UAL27 and sometimes UAL27 shows up before AAL602. Essentially the engine would just need to resolve conflicts with a dynamic arrivals order that's managed under the hood as it were. That would make every session a bit unique. In fact, then every time entry could be essentially variable within set parameters. A really long flight might result in even more flexibility. I've been on several flights where we made up so much time crossing the US that we got there well before our gate was open causing our plane to have to be shuttled out of the way until the gate cleared. Or perhaps we got a bad headwind that day and ALL flights coming in from a distance are running behind.


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