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FSUIPC not recognizing Rhino Stick

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Hello Experts

FSUIPC (on P3D v4) does no more recognize SAITEK Rhino stick. The Rhino throttle are recognized and works well.

If we try to adapt aileron or elevator no response within the FSUIPC.

We did a reinstall with the latest FSUIPC but still the same problem.

The Rhino driver are proper installed and the P3D v4 controls works well when connected within the P3D.

What could be the reason that FSUIPC rcognizes only the throttle of SAITEK Rhino ??

Thanks and regards Roger

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you don't give any useful information. Please follow the instruction above your post, 'READ BEFORE POSTING FSUIPC PROBLEM REPORT' and please supply the following three files.


3. If FSUIPC is indeed loading, then it will generate a log file telling you and I what it is doing. This is most important. it is called FSUIPC5.LOG or FSUIPC5.LOG and is found in the Modules folder in P3D. It is a text file and you can paste its contents, complete, into a message here.

Also, if the problem is related to joystick recognition or assignment, then provide the file FSUIPC5.Joyscan.csv, as appropriate.


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Hello experts

Sorry for the delay of my response. I was outside for a few days.

After my return and open the P3D sim the FSUIPC works now as in the past time.

Therefore its not necessary to send you the FSUIPC log files.

Next time I will send you the file as requested.

Thanks and regards Roger


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