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Is FSC 10.6 Windows 10 fully compatible? (answered)

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Good morning,

I forward this question because since I've upgraded to FSC's last build of June 2019, I have multiple errors in the way airports map look just as if I did not first created/updated the database with the database manager first prior using the software and FSX.

Here is an example with the map of Naples Capodichino in Italy. My 737 is parked at Gate 14. It appears perfectly correct in Airport Design Editor; In FSC the parking gates are either missing or wrongly positioned. In fact I suppose they correspond to the original bgl of FSX which is APX51170.bgl in the scenery main folder containing in region 0602. All the parking gates which exist in the scenery under LIRN in ADE are missing in FSC. I have also checked that my LIRN scenery was declared and loaded in the scenery library.

When I used Version 10 or prior I had not that problem at all. I have not change FSX configuration nor reinstalled it. I have used under Windows 10 with FSC 9 or 10.0.

Where could be the problem which occurs with many airports around the world.


Thx in advance


LIRN view in FSC Latest version.jpg

LIRN View in ADE latest version.jpg

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Hello Claude,

With the compatibility to Windows 10, your problem has nothing to do.
In your last topic ( https://forum.simflight.com/topic/87450-old-kai-tak-airport-answered/ )
I asked you to contact me by e-mail.
Please send me now the complete subfolder  /SUPPORT to my e-mail address. (You find here: www.fscommander.com )
Give some ICAO codes, as an example, of the airports at which the described problem occurs.




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Hi Guys,

It took some time and research but following multiple exchanges with Volker  I've found the reason for the malfunction of FSC versus FSX.

In fact using now FSX under Windows 10 professionnal, FSC database manager should use a different path to find the file scenery.cfg active in fsx.

If one uses the path : C:...\user\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\Fsx  the scenery.cfg in that directory is no more active. I found mine dating back to November 2017 and obviously all the changes I had made during that period to this day were not taken into account. The result was that in the Log file of the Support folder of FSC one could find numerous errors where the manager did not find either new addons or those which had been deleted and which were still present in the scenery.cfg inactive. Thx to Volker which showed me these inconsistencies I discovered that I was not using an updated scenery.cfg but could not understand why.

Searching with google an explanation to this mystery, I found under the post "Scenery.cfg File Location" in https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum the answer and solution to my problem.You can read this under one of the participants posts:

"....If under Windows-10 you cannot find the "active" FSX scenery.Cfg file in:
...or in
C:\Users\[user account or profile name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\ sub-folder

...it is possible that you installed FSX when logged into Windows under a different [user account or profile name]
than you presently are using and/or you installed FSX for only the (then different) [user account or profile name].
Most of us will find the "active" FSX scenery.Cfg file in:

...because we install for "All users" under Windows rather than for ONLY a (current) [user account or profile name].

We must not forget the strict conditions paused by FSC: Installation of FSX as well as FSC for ALL USERS and the installation made for all programs under Administrator rights whether you are the administrator or not.

So in the case of being under Windows 10 and following the above conditions, the path to declare to find scenery.cfg active

is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX

The database manager will find the right file with the different updates the user has made and create the proper database to be used by FSC. Parking gates, taxiways will be in their right place as used to be with Windows 7.

Thx again to Volker Heine and his help.

Have a nice evening



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