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11 hours ago, Quinch said:

I'm looking for the offset that stores the cameras current Pitch, Degrees, Bank, DeltaX, DeltaY, and DeltaX.

There are no offsets for reading a camera setting, only for setting those values for a defined camera (offsets 8680-86DF).

It might be possible to make a similar facility to Read a specified camera's "6DOF" but I'm not sure without checking the SimConnect interface specification. If it were added as a facility it would only be for FSUIPC5 (i.e. P3D4_ -- you don't mention what sim you are using).

It would probably need to operate with a specified camera name. I don't know whether it is possible to read the current camera name ("current" presumably meaning "selected"? After all several cameras can be currently active).

Have you looked at the SimConnect interface to see what is possible?




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1 minute ago, Quinch said:

No, i havent looked into simconnect too much. and i would like to use just FSX as the simulator

Ah, Sorry. There's no further development of FSUIPC for FSX (or 32-bit P3D for that matter). I'm afraid SimConnect may be your only resort.



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