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4 hours ago, ATC AlaskaGuy said:

would be neat to see the strobe lights do what they do on a real plane where they continually blink or flash along with the red light being on the bottom of aircraft and on top of the aircraft but not on the tail I have never seen a red light that blinks on a tail of any aircraft.

It would also be nice to see landing lights and strobes snap on once take-off clearance has been issued.  To be fair, many smaller aircraft (singles and light twin props) do have red rotating beacons on their tails, but definitely not large passenger jets.



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On 11/12/2019 at 4:20 PM, 707FAN said:

If they really wanted to get it right, the white strobes should come on when the aircraft is cleared to the runway as in RL. (LUAW or clear for Take off).

Also remove the tail anticollision light (red) for normal aircraft and the fuseleage  top anticol light on T tail aircraft. Basically normal A/C have one light on the bottom & one on the top . T tail have one on the bottom & one on the top of the tail.



I have been on about this for some time. It seems to being ignored by ND.


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On 10/2/2019 at 3:55 PM, Avwriter said:

Downloadable real world weather, or at least allow users to set the desired wind direction/speed along with other weather parameters.


On 10/8/2019 at 4:10 PM, Ron C said:

A runway crossing command.


On 10/2/2019 at 3:34 PM, ATC AlaskaGuy said:

would be cool if that when a plane takes off if the landing gear can be automated to retract


On 10/2/2019 at 3:58 PM, crbascott said:

Wishlist Number: 8
Wishlist Item: Realistic Weather and Seasons
Wishlist details: see above The weather afffecting incomeing and outgoing planes ie snow storms that turn into blizzards and the Clearing of runways


On 10/2/2019 at 3:58 PM, crbascott said:

WISHLIST ITEM: Updrade of 3d Game graphics to HD level
WISHLIST DETAILS: The quality of the current graphics are old school now and need to be far sharper than currently and at least HD level. Lagging way behind the standards of modern games being released now at similar prices.


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On 11/16/2019 at 3:57 PM, dean86501 said:

Gate assignment - I find it very frustrating that planes always go to the first gate available in their terminal. When you play snippets in places like Philadelphia or this morning I was doing an early shift at Atlanta with big arrival banks they always go to gates in the same order. The gate assignment should be a random gate in the relevant terminal.


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On 12/2/2019 at 2:05 PM, Pedantic G said:

Would be good if at the start of a session you could actually put in the current conditions at an airport you wish to operate to set this up from the start, the same was as you click on the runways you wish to use. A menu table to add the following and an in game graphical representation to show this similar to the uploaded image below:


On 12/2/2019 at 2:05 PM, Pedantic G said:

Even better if this can be linked "on line" to show actual Metar live data as you play 😎


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Here's my wishlist in order of personal importance: 

1. Additional Bug Testing - So frustrating to spend hundreds of dollars on Tower; purchase a new airport and Real Color only to have a taxiway or runway or gate not work properly. I would be a much happier customer if more effort is put into bug testing. The newer airports in Tower3D Pro have come a long way.  

2. Variety in Weather - Options to set custom conditions like wind, random wind, or better yet... option to download real world conditions of the actual airport from the internet. The current option for "random" weather between Clear, Foggy, and Stormy, ends up with an airport that's mostly Foggy or Stormy and often not realistic. Would be nice if the weather was dynamic and updated from the internet every 10 minutes and/or changed as you play. 

3. Addition of snow weather condition and cloudy weather condition even if only cosmetic. Snow or Partly Cloudy is often the real world weather condition at the airport. 

4. Adjust sunrise and sunset times due to time of year / real world conditions. Not realistic to have sunset at 6:30pm in the middle of winter. 

5. Graphics option to increase draw distance.  I hate when landing planes just pop in. 

6. Increased camera zoom. I play from the Tower view not the action cam and would like to zoom in more. 

7. Increased graphics / textures. Some of the airport textures look good already but would be great to have higher definition versions especially with an increased zoom level. 

8. Landing gear should retract after takeoff. 

9. Runway crossing command. 

10. Variety in Traffic Schedules. I'm not saying a 7 day schedule but even a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule; Tues/Thurs schedule; and a Weekend schedule would add a lot of variety.

11. Steam Integration of RealTraffic/Real Color - I know Steam takes a large cut of sales but it would be so nice to have these products update automatically. 

12. Real world airport temperature / frozen ground texture. For certain airports, have a frozen / winter ground texture that loads when the real world airport temperature drops below freezing.

13. Traffic flow overlay - An overlay (similar to showing a route in Cities Skylines or Transport Fever) we can turn on to show how runways and taxiways should be used for "normal flow;" "crosswind flow;" "noise abatement," etc. The real world traffic flows are usually the best way to manage traffic at the airports and it would save us from searching for all this information online. 

14. Meta-game other than points - This is lowest priority on my list for a reason - It's probably too difficult to implement. But maybe you unlock gates and terminals as you perform well and progress. You unlock gates/terminals based on your perfect performance and on-time arrivals and departures. With all gates/terminals unlocked (AKA 100 percent traffic) it becomes really difficult to maintain perfect performance; and if you have a crash or incident or too many delays you lose some gates or a terminal until you improve. This could also be an optional feature. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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Hello @Darthbater

I think with point one I can only say that it is correct here it seems to be important to do more reviews to fix such errors faster.

Point 2 - 3 I do not think that it is so easy to insert this into the programming or that it works there I have a bad feeling.
 I would like your

point 4 on the spot

Points 5, 6 and 7 that was already written somewhere, if I can still remember I do not know if it is still in the forum where.

Point 8 I think they only retract their landing gear at 500 meters or 1000 meters.

Point 9 there is I still know it from KLAS Los Angelas.

Item 10 is already available as a download LAS, EDDM, Paris, New York etc. please take a closer look or use the search function.

Points 11 and 12 This has to be clarified with Steam whether it is feasible but I have already had some experience with Steam and its update, which are sometimes not so reliable with the update.

Point 13 how much traffic density is still necessary LAS is the denser and harder to get to grips with and from it it already looks as real as it really is.

That with point 14 that does not even defend in reality is impossible and also difficult. You should rather do more in the mistakes like for example from the terminal to the runway and from the terminal to the gate and the crash in the terminal and runway to the gate improve in Munich still bristling with mistakes and what's new now is the problem between 23 : 00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. with the graphic Error still persists see entry EDDM:



Sorry if I was a little strangy but that only brings more mistakes and the game can then really kick in the bin because more and more mistakes are added and the others have not been fixed.



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59 minutes ago, Michi10 said:

Point 2 - 3 I do not think that it is so easy to insert this into the programming or that it works there I have a bad feeling.

Disagree. This is a feature in competing ATC sims and is also common in flight sims.

1 hour ago, Michi10 said:

Points 5, 6 and 7 that was already written somewhere, if I can still remember I do not know if it is still in the forum where.

A lot of wishlist items have been duplicated. Let's not be too critical here.

1 hour ago, Michi10 said:

Point 8 I think they only retract their landing gear at 500 meters or 1000 meters.

No - it is much sooner. Pilots raise the landing gear almost immediately - once positive rate of climb is confirmed.

1 hour ago, Michi10 said:

Item 10 is already available as a download LAS, EDDM, Paris, New York etc. please take a closer look or use the search function.

I believe he is wanting this as a normal feature - not just with custom schedules.

1 hour ago, Michi10 said:

Point 13 how much traffic density is still necessary LAS is the denser and harder to get to grips with and from it it already looks as real as it really is.

I think you misunderstood the request. He's looking for a traffic flow overlay (diagram).

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Thanks for replies. I really hope the weather system can be improved that's high on my list. 

Yes there are some great community schedules out there (thank you!) but it would be nice if they were integrated into the game. Maybe they just add an option to copy multiple custom schedules into the airport folder and then you select which custom schedule you want to play from a drop down menu in the game (like how you select weather conditions in Tower 3D Pro now). It would save a lot of copy and pasting and you could easily switch between custom schedules. Steam Workshop integration would also be great for downloading custom schedules.  

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  • 3 weeks later...

New to Tower3d PRO - Have used other sims.

1.  More GA traffic - Love it when I can see local small aircraft - Pushing "BIG TIN" is fun, but love the little guys

2. How about Military Traffic.. Would be fun for a fighter, C5, C130, etc.  Probably more an ART thing

3. Select Time of Year - Summer vs. Winter traffic - shorted daylight hours

4. Speak back from Landing Traffic - Sometimes we forget a plane landed - need to move them off runway

5. Trouble moving aircraft to alternative runways  - especially blocked or busy runways

6.  How about discount for multiple Airport packages (I have bought 3 already)

7.  Simulated Emergency (Engine out, blown tire, pilot injured) 

8.  Ability to assign different "HOT KEY" to Voice Command - Left Shift is not always convenient (Mouse Click, Right Click, etc)

9.  Notify is a plane is in "LINE UP AND WAIT" mode - letting us know. (Gets busy with one-man operation) or waiting for "CONTINUE TAXI"

10.  If there any talk about having a Central Server which can connect 2 or more users for Multi-user.  I have no-one I can use a Multi.  I can open my router ports to use networking to facilitate multiple users.

11.  Is there any way to SECTOR the runway, so that you only handle "WEST TRAFFIC" or "NORTH TRAFFIC"

Best Simulation I have used...Love the Voice Commands.  Was overwhelmed by traffic on KDFW - 


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  • 4 weeks later...

Actually I got an idea here.

Right now, we are playing the current game with the help of the airport schematics showing the current routes of the taxiing aircraft and exactly where they are. I am not sure how it is in reality if you have a position indication system for each aircraft in the bigger airports and how detailed it is, but for the smaller airports I know there is no so such thing.

My idea here is, to have two play-modes. First the current one, which we now have in Tower3D,. This mode helps us with information such as where the aircraft are on the ground, connected to their callsigns. This is mandatory to get order out of chaos if you are running the airport yourself in high traffic-flow.

The second playmode would be to have no indications where the aircrafts are on the ground (I guess mainly for smaller airports), you as a traffic-controller need to use the 3D-view to keep track on the taxiing aircrafts, and also somewhat memorize the callsigns on aircrafts you are seeing on the ground. Though, you will have the departure and arrival windows which may hint you which aircrafts with callsigns are on the move around your airport... but of course this is not enough for help, you will fail to memorize the callsigns of course, and not know how to call the aircraft on the ground. So additional voice-commands needs to be added in the game.

Ask which aircraft is occupying a taxiway
* "Aircraft on taxiway C, say your callsign"
* "American on taxiway C, say your callsign"

And so on, I guess this may be rather complicated to do if there are several aircrafts on the same taxiway, I guess you need to have an origin and position to point out which aircraft you want to get identification of:
* "Redwood behind AAL529, say your callsign"
* "Aircraft at the crossing of taxiway A, say your callsign"
* "Aircraft at C, as number 3 from the crossing of taxiway A, say your callsign"
* "Westbound Aircraft at C, as number 3 from the crossing of taxiway A, say your callsign"

Another way, maybe better and easier to implement, is to call out the aircraft with the help of the departure/arrival windows, asking for their position.
Ask XXNN where they are
Tower: AAL529, say position
Aircraft: At taxiway C, behind SWA642, AAL529
or Aircraft: At taxiway C, as number 3 from crossing taxiway A, AAL529
or Aircraft: Holding at Z, AAL529
Tower: AAL529, say taxi instructions
Aircraft: C, Z, K1, holding short runway 24L, AAL529
Tower: AAL529, say direction
Aircraft: Taxiing at C westbound


Of course, this second mode needs lesser traffic of course, as it is much more demanding, but a different playstyle, which creates a purpose of the 3D-view. Currently I never use the 3D-view, I am only focusing on the airport-schematics, and it feels like the tower 3D-view is only used as background image.
Also, in addition of this playstyle, on larger airports, a feature where you can use binoculars would be handy aswell. ;)

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On 10/2/2019 at 10:58 PM, crbascott said:

WISHLIST ITEM: A cancel voice command button/control
WISHLIST DETAILS: Add a control or button which we can click or press to cancel a current voice command that is currnetly being translated. I don't like the current system whereby if you make a mistake or the sim mis-understands you, that you have to hold the PTT key down so that the command can be forgotten in order for you to retry. A control or button in the sim to cancel this would be useful, so you do not have to wait.

I would like to add to the details to have a voice command like "cancel that" and/or "correction" that immediately cancels the spoken command and so the PPT key can be pressed again for a new command. The mentioned point basically contains it, but I would have a better feeling when it is in the details so that it is not overlooked.

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13 hours ago, Vantskruv said:

@EliGrim that would be very nice, and also to have the possibility to give more information in a row, instead of needing call the airplane several times, i.e. taxi and hold short commands.

Is this what you are talking about?

WISHLIST ITEM: String/combine commands together
WISHLIST DETAILS: The current process is basically one command, one transmission. I would like to see the ability to string/combine commands together. Simple examples would be issuing a taxi via and hold short together -and- issuing a cross runway and contact ground together.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for letting us offer our crazy ideas,

A couple of update things,

First and demanded year on year, a full in zoom to the aircraft, currently we all knows its * unrealistic, all Towers use binoculars if required and have CCTV on every gate and taxiways now.

Use an inbuilt voice program that doesn't have to rely on Windows which is a nightmare to set up. (not sure why you didn't do this already as there are very limited voice commands anyway)

A flight strip comment box, to add text as we require, like assigned taxiways, runways, gates etc of our choosing (this can aid multiplayer immensely).

Allow multiple line ups on runways without being penalised (in other word have the ability to line up on ALPHA and CHARLIE, releasing CHARLIE first then ALPHA, especially for runways with single runways (real world does this so why can't we)

Add more goals, easier to harder than we have now, reduce the hours to first goal/aircraft handled, that encourages new users and veterans alike.

Option to have a deps/arr list for say the next hour, just for info.

Now the eye candy stuff......

Landing lights on approach from a 5 mile distance at least and after dep on wheels up.

Gear down 5 miles out and gear up right after deps.

Make the airport more realistic, have fuel trucks, loading trucks including baggage, cargo and catering, pax loading and push back and arrival marshals for remote stands, this way we can see whats going on and anticipate rather than wait for the wing lights and then beacon lights at sometime to know whats going to call us!

Offer more position views like approach, overhead view, gate area view, pilot view etc.

New seperate approach/departure controller pack to add to TRACON and TOWER.

Thinking outside of the box.......

Have P3D, X-Plane and the new upcoming Microsoft FS2020 pilots be able to join us to control at our airports (as with FS Multiplayer, VATSIM and IVAO have now) with TOWER, TRACON and EN-ROUTE packs (new separate en-route controller pack to add to TRACON and TOWER).

Offers goals that include something for free, like an additional airport for free after so many landing and departing aircraft, (like free military, emergency or civilian airport packs etc).

Updates are needed, eye candy nice, outside stuff a dream 🙂


* profanity & poor tone removed.  Be appropriate in future comments please - Mods.


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Planes should give gate assignments when the land so we know what taxiways to send them down, or to hold them for sequencing. Also emergencies? In air and on the ground emergencies. Then we would have to deal with Ops and ARFF which would be pretty cool. Also what about KIAD or KORD or EGLL. Otherwise great game! 

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Hi guys!

First of all: I've been playing Tower!3D Pro for quite some time, 600 hours according to Steam. And I think, it's at its base a great game. I also purchased many of the DLC's. That said, I would've played it a lot more if it wasn't for some really frustrating issues, that also stoped me from putting more money into it. Thus I'd like for the new version to gradually improve on the old one. I don't think it would take all that much to turn this already good game into a very good one. A lot of the issues are pretty obvious to anyone who played the game for a few hours. Hence, some of my ideas have already been mentioned and I support many of the suggestions already made in this thread. In that case, I'll list them anyways just to emphasize how important I find them.


For the gameplay itself:

  • Most importantly (and I haven't read this as often as I expected): We need parking positions for aircraft for later use and to be towed to in order to make space at the terminals for new arrivals. For me the most annoying issue is that many scheduled flights aren't being operated, because other aircraft are blocking the gates. I know how I can work around it - by deleting everything but one or two hours of action from the schedule, readjusting the terminal allocations - but it's still a pain in the ass. Sometimes I want to play for a few hours on end, and I actually enjoy an airfield with a few more planes parking than just the ones I'm going to operate in the near future.
  • Related to that: I'd like to see more customisable gates: being able to assign airlines or even individual flights in the schedule not only to a terminal, but also to specific gates

  • Therefore it'd also be nice if you'd provide a list of terminals with the respective number of gates, itemised by their ability to handle heavy/medium/light aircraft for every airport/DLC.

  • Apart from the already confirmed better graphics: I reallz want to see a more realistic depiction of aircraft seizes relative to other aircraft, and relative to the airport itself, so that planes don’t get stuck (e.g. due to other planes, or buildings blocking space on pushback).

  • More customisable weather settings would be very nice. I'd like to be able to adjust wind bearing and speed, and weather settings like sunny/cloudy/rainy/snowfall. In that case, it'd be great to also implement de-icing procedures.

  • Also, more and more realistic ground traffic would be nice.

  • I'd really like to have the camera modes revisited. The default position is okay, but there need to be more options. For instance, a camera mode that focuses on a selected plane and follows it would be very nice, regardless of its position on the airfield. Maybe that's what the action mode was supposed to be, but in that case it isn't working properly. Additional, fixed camera positions around the airfield would also be very much appreciated.

  • Generally please only use IATA-codes for all purposes and drop the use of ICAO-codes - or the other way around. Having both at the same time makes things unnecessarily complicated.

  • Make express exitways work. In general, planes shouldn't slow down that much when still far away from the next exitway.

  • Allow for runways to be utilised as taxiways.

  • If you want to keep the points system, make it actually matter: E.g. implement the ability to unlock additional airports or weather conditions upon reaching a certain threshold. You could implement three basic airports (e.g. EDDH, KMSY, TIST), then three unlockable airports (e.g. KLAS, NZAA, ZBAA), along with more airport DLC’s, of course.

  • Allow for games to be saved and continued at a later point. I'd like that very much, but it really just makes sense if the first issue gets fixed.


For the technical stuff around the actual gameplay:


  • Most importantly: Provide better long term support and bug fixing. It's understandable that there are bugs upon release, but you have to fix them, really. Not just for the vanilla game, but also for the DLC's (looking at KMEM particularly).

  • The installation and update process needs to be brought up to modern standards. I'm using Steam, so I'd like it all to be included in the steam shop with automatic updates once I have the game and respective DLC's installed. Like it is with most other games I play. Having to go back to the page, download the new version and install it with having to fill in the username and codes all manually is a pain in the ass.

  • Include real traffic and real color in the base game and the subsequent DLC’s, respectively. Having to buy those seperately is a rip off, frankly. No one cares about the phantasy airlines and their liveries. That's also one of the reasons I refrained from buying more DLC's. I'm happy paying for a good product, but this just feels like I'm being drained of my money, and I don't like that.

  • Allow for the community to implement mods, especially for more aircraft and liveries, ground vehicles, and details at the airports itself.


And finally:

  • Due to the current corona crisis and the related grounding of fleets and eventual airline bankruptcies, the game should orient itself on the airline industry’s standard prior to the crisis (in regards to terminals, airlines, schedules and so on)


If these points would be included within the next version, I'd be one of your best customers for sure.

Edited by pocketdynamo87
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4 hours ago, Sky King said:

Sorry I don't agree about dropping ICAO codes.

Agreed, using IATA codes is and would be a mess. Actually, the ICAO codes alone are not the best solution either especially when it comes to differentiating cargo vs commercial and what carrier a regional airline is operating for. Hopefully, FT will come up with a good solution for the next version ...for the record,  I'm not a fan of the current approach of using fake ICAO codes for cargo.   

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14 minutes ago, crbascott said:

Agreed, using IATA codes is and would be a mess. Actually, the ICAO codes alone are not the best solution either especially when it comes to differentiating cargo vs commercial and what carrier a regional airline is operating for. Hopefully, FT will come up with a good solution for the next version ...for the record,  I'm not a fan of the current approach of using fake ICAO codes for cargo.   

I not a huge fan either, if ND or FT could use the same code but some how differentiate between passenger or cargo for terminal parking then it would be easier to organize everything. It might not be the main reason why they chose to have fake ICAO codes for cargo. But one reason why I think they chose to go that route was so that Cargo planes wouldn't access terminal gates. For example, Turkish airlines is THY. The in game Turkish cargo livery also uses THY. However, when using the THY for terminal parking purposes, you aren't able to then use the cargo livery if you wanted to because the cargo livery would then gate at the terminal instead of the cargo hold. It gets very messy as is and a fix is needed but at least I can park cargo where they need to be.

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To give us cargo planes they had to do something “quick and dirty” since modifying anything in the current version was, sadly, out of the question. 

For the next version, there’s no reason (and excuse) for quick and dirty solutions. I provided a conceptual approach a couple of pages ago, so I think a clean solution is doable. We’ll see what FT comes up with. 

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