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OMDB-DXB Custom Schedule Files

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5 hours ago, ATC AlaskaGuy said:

yeah I saw that to delta is or was suppose to start flying to EGKK like this fall but not sure that will happen now with this covid 19 pandemic.

This is to pick up some of the slots that will become vacant when Virgin Atlantic swaps out of EGKK, so they can be swapped back in future

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I was writing a reply last night, but closed the window by mistake!
I was having difficulty trying to work out aircraft codes, as there is no editor to confirm which to use

I will now continue this conversation in my own dedicated topic, as some other issues have appeared (Incorrect aircraft, Terminals, Real Colours, and so on) and rather than mix between three topics I can cover them all specifically

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Excellent, some more confirmation about operations at OMDB

Remote Stands C31 to C47 are for Terminal 3 / Concourse D
They are intended for A340 and B777 only

In the game this is termed as 
It should be a copy of the airlines at 
In turn that frees up the stands at 
for sole use by UAE

is actually split into two
Stands G1 to G13 are for passenger use, Stands G14 to G21 are not

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I am nearing the end of creating the realistic OMDB schedule
Comparing Schedule Information graphic there appears to be quite a difference, as I am near on 1000 movements
Interesting though that we both have a fall in traffic around 15:00 to 18:00
However, I have a higher ratio of arrivals between 04:00 and 06:00, and departures between 07:00 and 10:00

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