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Tower3D! - Airport Bugs and Errors


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This thread is for ONLY posting verifiable and reproducible bugs/errors at all of the airports.

Everything else that does not meet the above criteria, please create a new thread.

Here is the full current list of airports, sorted alphabetically:


To report a verified, reproducible error for an airport, please create a new post hereunder, using ONLY the following heading:
ICAO code - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached

For example:

KPHX - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached

Do NOT replicate airports.

Check whether an airport bug/error is in the list of posts before creating a new post.

Moderators must remove all posts immediately that do not meet the above criteria.


BLB (Peter)

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Updated list 04/04/2020 - added EKCH
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1 hour ago, Braf123456 said:

It's a error because the runway doesn't allow anything above a320 but in real life a ba triple 7 can takeoff from this runway 

@Braf123456 While this might be an error in comparison to what happens in reality its not technically an error with the game. This is more like a suggestion but a great suggestion that you can create a new thread for if the devs ever think about creating a SP for KBOS. An error for this thread more constitutes whether your planes are spinning into other planes, or maybe your game play is bugging out with different colors or just spazzing out. It has to be something that is affecting your game play. And Runway 9 not allowing bigger jets doesn't make kbos unplayable. Hence why Peter asks for a screenshot and log to be attached. Hopes this clears up any confusion.

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  • 1 month later...

KRDU - verified bug/error - screenshot/log attached

For some reason i am able to give (biz)jets runway 14 for landing but there is no option to let them vacate the runway (backtrack ?).

In the log file as 'map error' (see second screenprint).

I assume runway 14 should not be available for landing ?

Note: schedule used that comes with the DLC.

Regards, Chris.



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49 minutes ago, cHabu said:

I assume runway 14 should not be available for landing ?

It should not be used for landing. Because the approach path crosses the active runways, and in case of a go-around ... well... (The same applies to runway 8 at KPHL, by the way.)
In reality, runway 14 can technically be used for arrivals - it's not allowed, but it's there ...

But I'm sure the programmed runway model includes that it has to be theoretically able to be used for departures and arrivals (and I assume programming the runway model otherwise might have complicated a lot for airport development).

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  • 2 months later...

Airport: KLGA and all airports

Bug/error: Same as error reported above by Vantskruv for KPHL.  I've seen this at every airport.  At KLGA, when using R31 for departures, an aircraft is told to hold at taxiway W for example.  Later you tell the aircraft to continue taxi.  Even if you tell the aircraft again to hold short of runway 31, it plows into the aircraft already waiting on 31 for takeoff.  This is causing my scores to plummet as it kills me in every game.  Easily reproduced.

Bug/error: On takeoff airplane animations do a 360 degree turn in midair after leaving the runway.  I've also seen this at multiple airports.  This is also easily reproduced.

Thanks for this otherwise great simulation, looking forward to the next version!

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Airport: KPHL

Bug/error: Arriving aircraft on runway 27R, when given the command "Exit at taxiway November", they exit instead on taxiway Mike to the left. They also do the same thing if I give them the command "Vacate runway to the right on taxiway November".

Also, a visual bug in the map, where two N:s is represented on the right side of runway 27R on taxiway November, and two unidentifiable markings are overlapped on the crossing between taxiway K3 and M (I guess K3 and M, as text, is overlapping each other?).

Another visual bug, in the 3D-view, is that the taxiway between E1/E2 to E, is grass (no asphalt). But that is not so important for me.
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Yet another bug ☝️

Airport: KPHL

Bug/error: Arriving aircraft on runway 27R, when given the command "Vacate runway to the left on taxiway Tango", the aircraft exited the taxi way K4 on the right instead.
Arriving aircraft on runway 26 (which refuses to exit on right taxiway D if I command him to late), I gave him taxi-instructions to taxi via D, and make a hard right turn on H to enter terminal on taxiway (in this case I gave him the command 'taxi to ramp via Delta, Hotel, Juliet', and a second command to hold short runway 35), he still crossed run 35 without permission.

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