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Tower 3D! all pilots voices 'Bla Bla' only


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Dear all, I need support

I bought the game a long time ago (Steam) but hadn't used it for a long time.

Since last year I want to play it again but all voices of the pilots just say 'Bla Bla'.
Even if I go inside the game to settings and change the voice between male and female and click on Test above: only 'Bla Bla'.

I've already tried all the suggestions in the other topic about speech trouble like:

Even I change everthing to english, restart windows, restart the game -> NO Changes. 'Bla Bla'.

I don't want to use the speech-commands. For me it is OK to give all the commends by keyboard.
So I not switched on the function 'speech recognazation) this function in Windows (I haven't an mic either). But everthing all of the settings was switched to english as the link above advice.

I have Windows 10, changed the languages to englisch, installed additionally languages pack, set the English USA to default, tried all different voices 'Microsoft Stefan, Georg, David, Katja, Hazel Susan, Hedda, Zira, Mark,  Karsten, Guilaume' (Anna is not available).

I always wanted to solve the problem. So I invest again some hours to investigate (read in forums on Steam or here) and do a lot of tests with different settings in Windows or in the game. Then I put the game aside and I'm frustrated because absolutely no improvements.

Could somebody help me?
Would be realy great, best thanks!


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Thanks for your reply. Everthing in this thread I already tried. No success.
There is an information about 'hot fix'. But I've never find this hotfix. And Steams tells me, I used the newest and updated game version.
Also the voice of 'Microsoft Anna' is written there. But I have installed both Microsoft english languages packages (UK and USA). But there NO Anna.

Other suggestions?

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Of coures I do not using English_US in Windows as standard. I wouldn't do all the work to install additionally languages packages and so on.

In your provided link, there is something written about an Microsoft 'Anna' voice. In my English_US Language packages there is no 'Anna' available. Only the Microsoft voices I can choose as I wrote in my first topic.

My Windows is using German as the standard languages.
But there exist a lot of other German users in the world, they using this game and hat changed there system to English_US and it worked.

Example here: Game introduce video of a german player incl. the settings of Windows and English_US packages
(from 5:00 to 6:50 minutes)

The video was published 2017, a little bit old. Could it be, that in the meanwhile Microsoft and Windows has made some changes in languages packages or some modification by the released patches since then?
I've done all this settings in the video multply times but still no improvements!

I've installed the game multiply times.
I let Steam checked if the files of the game where complete and not corrupted.
I start the game with admin rights.
I've checked all the settings in the game (male and female, deeper or higher, slower or faster) with every voice in Windows 'Microsoft Georg, David, Katja, Hazel Susan, Hedda, Zira, Mark' (of coures only the english voices). On any combination with game settings AND MS voice settings I started the PC new and so on (it took me hours).

Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Exist there an hotfix?
If yes, where can I find it?

Best thanks!

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Dear scoobflight

It is the pro version.
V1.2.78.946 SP3.3c

It is very, very special.
For testing I'm using the airport St. Thomas (small and it will load fast).
I start in the morning 09:00 with 100% traffic density (standard traffic, no real airlines).
The first aircraft which requesting pushback and start come with a male voice as 'Bla Bla'.

When I start the Philadelphia Airport, also in the morning 09:00 and 100% traffic density, the first aircraft has a female voice. AND THIS IS ABSOLUTELY OK!
The second aircraft for pushback and start, the same male voice as in St. Thomas will request, but 'Bla Bla'.
When I play the game further, the same female voice come multiply times and in right format.
But ALL male voices still 'Bla Bla'.

Probably the game is using some voices from Windows English_US packages, which not have because not in the downloaded packages (is standard package of windows and I haven't the option to choose another packages).

Could this give an hint for solving the problem?


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Just before I made the new and surprisingly discovery between male and female voices yesterday, I've deinstalled all languges packages in Windows and installed complete new.

I've also restart the Computer between each step, deinstall, install the packages, set english as standard in Windows, start the game new and testing.

(As I've done in past multiply times.)

I think newer packages would not be available?


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2 hours ago, aerni said:

I've also restart the Computer between each step, deinstall, install the packages, set english as standard in Windows, start the game new and testing.

(As I've done in past multiply times.)

I think newer packages would not be available?


So the game has working pilot voices?

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Still the same. Only the female voice seems to be OK. All male voices still 'Bla Bla'.
Please read my posting from yesterday exactly.

(Thanks means not the problem is solved. I say thanks for your help now and further help...)


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Yes I checked it right now. If I choose only female voices -> it works.

@FeelThere Ariel

When I installed the English_US Packages, I have following english voices availabe:
Male: David, Mark
And female: Zira.

I have additional voices english listed in my windows settings:
George (male) and Hazel and Susan (female). I've checked this in the internet and it tells me, that this languages come from the English_UK packages, which I also installed as an try to solve the problem.
But the US packages is set as default.
Today I also checked to uninstalle the UK packages and restart windows and the game. There is no difference with or without in the game. Male voices will not work.

My the game has some trouble if there are more then just the US english voices installed?
If I switch in the game settings to only femaile voices it works.
If I switch in the game settings to only male or random, all male voices 'Bla Bla'.

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You mean better female voice instead 'Bla Bla'? Of course, but the real world would be much more different voices (female and maile).

@FeelThere Ariel

I don't know what you take out of my replies???? Please read my lines carfully!
As a try to solve the problem I DO NOT uninstall the voice 'David' (is not possible so far as I know). I uninstalled the English_US languages packages and reinstalled again, to be sure that the packages is complete and there will not be some corrupted files and so on. This is a usual task in case such packages seems to be not correct workable.
What also installed was, was the languages package English_UK. This packages I have done the same procedure (uninstall and install again, to be sure it is complete).

But dedicated to my probleme 'male voices' only do a 'Bla Bla' speech, there where no improvements.



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