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Don't understand button assignment for P3d

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I have read the manuals.  I just don't understand how I'm supposed to control something as simple as a battery switch on a flight yoke.  The yoke in question is one that has a physical toggle switch, just like in the real aircraft--press it up (for feature on) or down (for feature off).  But there is only a 'toggle' setting for battery (or avionics, or ...) in the list of controls (in FSUIPC buttons tab) that can be sent.  This obviously doesn't work, since it means that physically pressing the battery switch up will only resulting in *changing* the state, but not ensuring that battery master is actually on.  Likewise, pressing the switch down, won't ensure that the battery master is off.  

Now I could of course just set both the "up" and "down" positions to equal toggle, but that's rather kludgy as this assumes that the state of the virtual aircraft aligns with the state of the physical switch.  And again, it would seem a bit kludgy to work around that by first aligning through the use of the virtual switch.  Kinda takes the magic out of it.  Did I miss something?

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seems there is no control for ON/OFF available.

But did you check the Offset list, you will find 


281C  4  Master battery switch (1=On, 0=Off)

So using this Offset for ON position with value 1 and for OFF position with value 0.


Of course there might be add-on aircrats where this doesn't work either, then their is still the way to assign macros or using Lua and L:Vars.


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Thanks Thomas.

I have to admit you lost me on some of that, but I did try your offset suggestion and it worked, at least for the battery.  I'll see if I can understand what the offset values are all about and try it with the rest of the controls.

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