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Error Group'' does not exist


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I have a problem, very odd. 99.9% of installations all is fine, but one PC setup (noting special) I am getting this:

18:01:44.322: Error: System.Exception: Group '' does not exist.
   at FSUIPC.FSUIPCConnection.Process(Byte ClassInstance, IEnumerable`1 GroupNames)
   at FSUIPC.FSUIPCConnection.Process(Byte ClassInstance, String GroupName)
   at FSUIPC.FSUIPCConnection.Process()
   at SkalarkiIOProfiler.FSUIPCConnector.StandardProcessor.Process()
   at SkalarkiIOProfiler.FSUIPCConnector.Process()
   at JEEHELLAirbus.JLFMGS.ExecuteFunction(String functionName, Object[] parameters)
   at SkalarkiIOProfiler.Profiler.Profile._InputChangeStateEvent(Object sender, InputChangeStateEventArgs e)

Any idea what can cause this problem?

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Here's what I can tell you from the stack trace:

The main error is that FSUIPCConnection.Process() has been called for the default group (no group name), however at the time it was called, no offsets have been created yet (at least not in the default group) so that group does not exist.

The origin of the call is an event being fired called InputChangeStateEvent on the SkalarkiIOProfiler.Profile class. This calls JEEHELLAirbus.JLFMGS.ExecuteFunction() which calls your FSUIPC wrapper.

If this problem only occurs on one PC then it's likely a timing issue (especially likely if your application is multi-threaded). Something on that machine is causing the  _InputChangeStateEvent event to be fired before the offsets are created.

You'll need to think about what triggers the InputChangeStateEvent and why it might be firing early on that machine.

However, it could just be a tread timing issue (is the bad PC super fast or super slow?) in which case you'll need some kind of synchronisation/delay code that guarantees things are created in the correct and started order.

Hopefully that points you in the right direction. If you need more help I'll need to see the relevant parts of the code.


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