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Access Violation when try to connect SC Pascal with p3d/fsuipc5

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Hi, Just bought today fsuipc5, installed, started P3D and it look like fsuicp is active in Addons.

My plan was to use SC Pascal with Simio cards to link it to Pmdg in P3D.

Made a Fsuipc connection in Sc Pascal but when i tried to connect it with p3d/fsuips just getting the error:

Access violation at address 0040C2FC in module 'SC_PASCAL7.exe'.  Read of address 00000001

Same happening when P3D is not running.

os: Windows 10, 64 bit.


Any clue? I know that this maybe is not Fsuicp issue but hope someone had similar issue...




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this is an error in SC_Pascal and not in or produced by FSUIPC5. As the error clearly says ,,,in module 'SC_PASCAL7.exe'.

Maybe the SC_Pascal version is not compatible with the actual P3D version you use. Make sure you use as well latest FSUIPC5.152.

You will have to contact Sismo support about that.


Same happening when P3D is not running.

That looks actually more like the SC_Pascal version has a problem wiyh Windows, as when P3D is not running then FSUIPC5 is not running/loaded.

Maybe a missing DLL. Did you try reinstall SC_Pascal so its installer adjusts to your current Windows?


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thanks for your reply.

Yes, indeed it a SC_Pascal error.

Happens only when I make a new project. When I'm in projects which I got in projects folder with the installation then it can connect to Fsuipc. Looks like some permissions issue in SC_Pascal.

Anyway, it is definitely not an Fsuipc error.

Many thanks for help.


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