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Push&Turn and Exit keystrokes not working

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Windows Home 64Bit 1903, Prepar3D v4.5 (, FSUIPC5 v5.153 licensed, Maule default a/c

There are problems on a recently new installed (for the 1st time) Prepar3D v4.5 installation together with a very new licensed installation of FSUIPC5.

The keystrokes for push & turn (<Shift>+<P> then <1>/<2>) and for the Exits (<Shift>+<E> then <1>/<2>/<3>) are not functionally working on my system. The result is always start Push w/o doing a turn and open/close Exit.0 (main door).

If FSUIPC5 is deactivated everything is working as expected.

Disabled Microsoft Defender and set TimeForSelect=0 with no effort.

Any help appreciated.


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The <shift> key is a modifier key and needs to be held down when you press the other key (i.e. together, not before), so maybe you got it the wrong way around?

Log files looks ok, as does your ini, but you don't have any assignments - or much of anything!

Probably a good idea to change the AutoAssignLetters parameter to Yes, to enable the JoyLetters facility, which would preserve any assignments to your joystick devices if the ids change (please see the User Guide for details).

Anyway, glad its now working for you.



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