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No nav lights


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6 hours ago, Miksu77 said:

I have very dim navlights in 170/190-series, also strobe doesn't work by the switch but pressing O at the keyboard

have you added custom addon aircraft lights to the sim.  the plane uses P3D's default lights so if you have changed the game's default lights their may be problems.

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I am facing the same issue - it worked perfectly up until yesterday but now all lights are gone, even after a complete reinstall of the aircraft. I can only see minor reflections on the wings/ground because of dynamic lighting. Lights on all other aircraft are working, just not sure what is going on with the EJets. I have not messed with any installations of default content, and I am not sure what's going on now as this issue has popped up seemingly randomly. I have recompiled my shaders as well yet it's still not working. What confuses me is that it was working perfectly yesterday and now out of nowhere this issue has popped up. Any inputs? As you can see in the picture - reflections are there, but not the lights itself


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2 hours ago, scoobflight said:

What changed on your system?  The feelThere code hasn't changed.  Did you update any programs?  Windows update? P3D update?

Hi, nothing changed on the system except when I installed the freeware door manager you recommended and the P3D SDK for a different purpose (which I have since uninstalled), which afaik should not cause any conflicts. No P3D or Windows updates. 

Also: I checked the aircraft.cfg for the "[LIGHTS]" entry and it has just listed the lights without a list of its positioning as there is in other planes - is this normal? 


Update: Reinstalled P3D content and it's working now.


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On 1/8/2021 at 12:28 PM, iholly1991 said:

does anyone have a solution? have the same problem and it's not fun *???

Hey, something might have messed with your default lights install. I solved it by reinstalling P3D content, which you can do by uninstalling it from your system, and redownloading and reinstalling from your Lockheed Martin account. It's a separate exe so you don't need to worry about losing any in-sim content such as airplanes or sceneries. Hope this helps!

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