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APP in HDG mode

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Hey guys Im having the same problem with the e190 no matter what I do LOC GS doesnt arm.

I tried Rnav arrivals, VOrdme´s, different airports, and the same problem. 

Does any one has a bypass other than flying it raw data?


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is your actual sim data upto date as if the ils code in sim on the scenery if wrong then the fmc auto tunes the correct one with updated database ten they will mismatch.

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On 12/24/2019 at 5:49 PM, scoobflight said:

??? you write 'all is fine' and then 'same problem'.  Is the plane approaches working for you outside of Mexico???

Sorry to answer too late, well in the airports in Mexico there is a fix always that is too far outside the approach.


1 hour ago, Marcofo3 said:

I read that the solution is click prev after the descent is start  

Solution for what? And I can’t still understand the steps of that solution

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Hey everyone, 

As far as I understand the issue in here, this is not a bug- it's a feature or better-said the way Embraer designed it: 

If you come along your flightplanned route on LNAV/NAV or on Radar Vectors in HDG, the aircraft will not simply follow an instrument approach (ILS/VOR/RNAV/NDB).

As long as your compass rose on the lower PFD is only set to FMS1 respective FMS2, the aircraft will ignore any Navaid information!


In order to fly an ILS you have to select either V/L or the PREV mode: 

1. V/L Mode: Pure mode of radio navigation (works great when on heading / does NOT work on an FMS magenta routing)
2. PREV Mode: Select that when in a regular approach, it basically arms the V/L mode as long you are not yet intercepted to the Localizer.
      -  So you set your approach, enter it in the FMS, brief it, confirm the freq being set and then arm the PREV mode
      -  A second indication will appear on lower PFD besides the magenta FMS needle
      -  Indication will switch automatically to green needle V/L when intercepted


Hope that this answers the questions and is not totally far off.


Best Regards 

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