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First, thank you for making a great product.

One of the things I noticed is the implementation of the ability to use the scroll wheel to toggle switches within the flight deck. I love this feature, however, I noticed something that is a little annoying for me personally and I don't necessarily think it is a bug.

I have noticed when I scroll the mouse scroll wheel up over a three way switch, like the Emergency Lights switch, the switch will go from off to armed to on, as expected. Once in the on position, no matter how many times I scroll up on the scroll wheel the switch stays in the on position and does not move to any other position. This is what I like and is true on all three way switches that I have noticed so far.

Consequently, if I scroll the scroll wheel down or up over a two way switch, like the Battery switch, the switch will repeatedly switch on/off as long as I continue to scroll down or up on the scroll wheel. If I continue to scroll down or up, the switch does not stay in the on position and continues to switch on/off over and over again until I stop scrolling. This is true for all two way switches including the exterior/interior light switches, passenger sign switches, DC bus ties, etc. I would prefer that no matter how many times I scroll down or up, the two way switch stays in the position it is expected to.  For example, I scroll up on the Battery 1 switch and it goes to the on position but if I repeatedly scroll up, the switch stays in the on position and does not move to any other position.

In addition, I have noticed that simply clicking on a two way switch will move the switch, however, this is not true for three way switches in which case one needs to click, hold, and drag the switch to move it.  My suggestion for this is to have the ability to left/right click the switch forward/backward.

I don't think this a bug and this is not preventing me from flying the aircraft and I hope this serves as merely a quality improvement suggestion.  I know there are other more important issues the team is attempting to correct but I wanted to offer this suggestion since the team is currently working on a service pack.

Once again, thank you for breading life back into this excellent product, the team did an amazing job.


Thank You,


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