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Detecting X-Plane/XPUIPC

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Is there any way to reliably differentiate between FSUIPC and XPUIPC? Some functions need special handling, depending which simulator is being used.
Using FsVersion results in FSX if used with XPUIPC.

Do you have any suggestions?


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checking the FSUIPC version number would give you a way to differ. 


3304, 4, FSUIPC version number:
The HIWORD (i.e. bytes 3306-7) gives the main version as
BCD x 1000: e.g. 0x1998 for 1.998
The LOWORD (bytes 3304-5) gives the Interim build letter:
0=none, 1-26=a-z: e.g. 0x0005 = 'e'

Also the specific version number or used FS can do, maybe in combination to be more precise on FS side (FSX or P3D . . .).


3124, 1, The specific version of FSX or P3D being used. The values are: Intl No
FSX: 1 to 4 for the RTM, SP1, SP2 and Acc versions,
FSX-SE: 101 to 109 (etc) for builds 62607 to 62615 (etc)
P3Dv1: 10 to 14 for versions 1.0 to 1.4 (but versions before 1.4
not supported).
P3Dv2: 20 to 25 for versions 2.0 to 2.5
P3Dv3: 30 to 32 (etc) for versions 3.0 to 3.2 (etc)
P3Dv4: 40 to 45 (etc) for versions 4.0 to 4.5 (etc)


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Thomas has indicated a way to check in FSUIPC. We do not support XPUIPC - its from another developer, . You will need to ask on the XPUIPC support forums.



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Thank you for the replies. I'm aware that XPUIPC is from another developer. However I was just asking for ideas in general.

It looks like I havent properly studied the XPUIPC documention. XPUIPC offers additonal offsets which may help me to solve this problem, for example:
6F03 - XPUIPC Version string with 0 terminator


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