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PFD speed scale (E-jets v3)


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I've noted this in the 170/190 personally and witnessed it in a stream of the 195.

The PFD speed scale warning/caution colouring seems to be working off the prediction line as opposed to the current IAS.

See below, the speed window has gone reverse video red despite not entering the low-speed awareness nor overspeed tape, however the prediction line has entered the overspeed tape.


I'm afraid I don't have an AFM to reference but this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQEezXiJg10&t=34s) looks to be an Embraer training video and demonstrates the correct behaviour:





You can see the speed window colour only changes based on the actual IAS not the prediction line.

As a second issue the the reverse video for overspeed/red stick shaker region should be white text on a red background, currently the text remain black.



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Hey there,

I just came to this report here on the Known Issue List and made my way through the E190 AOM, where I found this:


E190 AOM 14-09-05:



– Shows the airspeed which the airplane will be within 10 s, if the
present acceleration/deceleration rate is maintained.



– Displays the indicated airspeed (IAS), above 30 kt.

GREEN: normal range.

AMBER: airspeed trend vector (when displayed) is reaching the
VMO/MMO or it is at amber low speed awareness tape or the
actual airspeed is at amber low speed awareness tape.

RED INVERSE VIDEO: airspeed trend vector (when displayed)
or actual airspeed is at red low speed awareness tape or at
VMO/MMO barber pole.

– The airspeed trend vector when displayed has the priority over
actual airspeed to define the airspeed rolling digits color.

So from my point of view the actual solution until now is handbook-wise correct and should therefore not be changed in the Service Pack. 

To the question on why this behavior is not visible in the posted video above, I can just say that I have to give it a pass - luckily until now I was not able to reflect that myself.

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