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Excessive climb rate in VNAV


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Anyone else experiencing High VS during initial phase of flight when vnav starts the climb I find it jumps up to 6000+FPS while it brings the speed back even just a few knots. Its like it panics ti get the speed on profile. Its way too much and even happened at MTOW in the E190 out of OJAI on my last flight I hit more than 7000fpm using VNAV and LNAV it goes into magenta FLCH and zoomed up way too excessive initial climb rate then calms down.

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Yeah I get this too. Seems like it accelerates really fast, sometimes past 250IAS, then it tries to bleed off the extra speed by climbing at those rates when <10,000Ft. Above 10,000 it climbs just fine. If you look at a track log of an E175 flight on flightaware, the plane rarely gets above 3000fpm in most cases. 

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