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Extreme Bouncing in Flight


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Good Afternoon,

     I looked for this in the forum and did not see it so I decided to post.  If there is an answer to this question please refer me to it.   Flying from PHX to LAX the plane was chasing altitude the whole flight.  I had set AP at 27000 and it could never settle in both up and down.   Also horizontally it kept chasing the path left to right.   Does anyone have this problem if so what should I do about it.  If not reported then I will be patient for it is fixed.

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4 minutes ago, markmasterson said:

but weather is part of flying.

Unfortunately, FS weather is massively overblown. It's referred to in the manual, but set your weather to around 15% turbulence and wind. This aircraft has been developed with realistic coefficients of motion and moments of inertia to avoid the unrealistic 'running on rails' which has been the main criticism FS since very early days - as an example, a realistic CMq (pitch damping) could be in the region of -20 to -40 for an airliner whereas (as an example) the default 'Commercial Airliner' has a CMq of -185. The unrealistic forces created by fs 'weather' need to be backed off!


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