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FSLabs A320 - Some PBs and switches go latched

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I have an issue with FSLabs A320 where some macro calls result in the button or switch assuming a latched condition. The most annoying one that I've been battling with for months is the Rudder Trim switch. In the VC, a simple left click pulls the button momentarily to the Left, and a right click momentarily to the Right. I record this as a Macro, but then the subsequent execution (in my case a CTRL-Key combo) results in a latched condition. The Rotorbrake codes do the same thing so it's not just my macros. I have (after 15 years of being a FSUIPC user!) finally rolled up my sleeves to see what advanced stuff is lurking in the guides and I'm learning new stuff. If there's any examples, of how to code various click type combos, please can someone/Pete point me to the relevant section? I've played around with various 'on release condition' things too but no change. Any suggestion as to what else I can try?

A couple of other questions whilst I'm here:

1.) If I make a change inside the MACRO file, can I get away with restarting the flight? or must the sim be restarted?
2.) I read somewhere about a method by which FSUIPC logs details about panels/gauges that were clicked with a list of variables available to play with(?). I hope I got that right. Has this concept been depreciated due to the latest version of FSUIPC using 'Rectangles?' What debug methods are available in the latest version? Again a pointer to the relevant section in the guide would be very helpful!


FSUIPC v5.152

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first, please update to the latest version of FSUIPC, v5.153.

For your mouse macro question, you could try a multi-action mouse macro, with both a button click (code 3) or a left click and drag (code 9) followed by a left button release (code 13).  Multi-action macros are documented in the Advanced User Manual in section Multiple actions in one macro control (P36). 

For your other questions:

1. You can use the 'Reload all buttons' or the 'Reload all keys' buttons in the Buttons / Keys tabs to reload the macros.

2. There are two methods to achieve this. The easiest is to assign a button or key press to the control 'List local panel variables' - see the Advanced User manual un section Guage local variable access (L:vars), by macro (P38). Alternatively, a lua script called log lvars.lua is also provided - drop it into your Modules folder and assign a button/keypress to activate.



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