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How to handle RNAV GPS approaches?

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How to handle a RNAV/EGNOS/GPS approach correctly? (And also non-prec approaches like VOR, NDB)
I cannot find anything in the manual.

I know this procedure from airbus and boeing. This aircrafts can handle a "simulated" GS during approach phase.
How to handle in E-Jets? Do I have activate "APP" mode in autopilot? Or is there a special proceduure?

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Goedenavond, Holá and Hej,  

To explain the RNAV/RNP/GPS (or whatever it gets called in the next week 😀 ) I would like to make an actual overview on how the Embraer is structured concerning the various types of approaches

[Advise: This is not tested on the Feelthere E-Jets V.3 yet, but sourced of the Embraer Procedures]

  1. Lateral & Vertical Guidance vs. Lateral Navigation only
    • Lateral & Vertical Guidance is given in almost every kind of approach (ILS [glideslope signal] as well as VOR, NDB, RNAV [calculated vertical glidepath - confirm with chart values!])
    • Lateral Guidance only is given in a Localizer only Approach (LOC)
  2. Magenta Needles vs. Green Needles
    • The Embraer shows the source of the announciations and indications in different colours:
      • Magenta Needles are reflecting to FMS data
      • Green Needles are using radio-navigation source
  • In detail:
    • The ILS Approach is flown (as mentioned in the linked post of mine above) in Green Needles, so on V/L mode (with previous PREV selection if needed) with APP Mode selected 
    • The VOR/NDB/RNAV/RNP/GPS Approach is flown on Magenta Needles, so in FMS Mode, but also with APP Mode selected (basically all are GPS overlay approaches)
    • The LOC Approach is flown on Green Needles, so on V/L mode (with previous PREV selection if needed) with NAV Mode selected
  • Don't forget to Press Activate Vectors on the FMS when on vectors-to-final during approach. It clears up the Navigation Display and is especially essential for VOR/NDB/GPS Approaches, so the aircraft knows that the final track and glidepath are the only inputs it needs [Magenta needles = FMS data]!
    But just get yourself familiar with it for all kinds of approaches, then you wont forget about it in the rather rare case of VOR/NDB/GPS (compared to ILS) 
  • Just a little advise for ILS/LOC approaches (as in V/L mode) - In case of a Go-Around you have to re-select FMS at about 400ft otherwise you can press NAV as often as you like but the aircraft wont follow the planned missed approach 

I hope i did not forget anything important, did not mix anything up and it would be even better if this could be a help to anyone 🙈

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Here is a nice visual chart for my visual learners regarding proper approach modes. 


Big note is NDB approaches are in reality flown in GPS mode also.

Fun fact: The airplane cant track a VOR course on its own in green needles!

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Having an issue with RNAV approaches, I think it's a bug when flying RNAV approaches as the vertical GP mode will not engage upon pressing the APP button.
All conditions are qualified... Instead when pressing the APP button on the guidance panel the aircraft will reselect VNAV and not GP as the vertical mode or if an LPV approach is loaded it should also display 'LPV'

These are the things I have reviewed or tried: The aircraft will not engage GP mode and instead fly in VNAV causing levelling off
-FMS Nav souce selector is coupled to FMS 2
-Prev button is deselected
-V/L is not selected
-Yellow bands are not displayed on the PFD's
-Valid DH is set
-RNAV/GNSS/GPS approach is loaded into the MCDU
-A computed VNAV guidance is set in the MCDU for angular glide slope guidance
-APPR RNP value is displayed on the ND
-NAV data is up to date, hence happens at every RNAV approach. 


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Loadhaul, these airplanes are not equipped with WAAS, so they cannot fly LPV. It's either LNAV/VNAV or LNAV. With that said, when flying Feelthere's EJets, you will have to use LNAV for lateral guidance and FPA for vertical guidance until they fix the GP issue. The work around for LNAV/VNAV is to let it stay in VNAV mode, but ensure the approach is loaded correctly with the altitude constraints for the fixes. In reality you would just fly the LNAV minimums since the airplane cannot fly LNAV/VNAV.

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