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I recently bought (from SimMarket) Flight Control Recorder (version 4.0.1903.27). It seems not working properly.


My specs :

Processor : i7700k

GPU : RTX 2070

Windows 10 Pro



Installation (as administrator) : OK


Issues :


Option menu item

When I activate Option, Application FCR closes.

After deleting SimFrameworkOption.xml (according to documentation) and opening FCR,

activation of Option is OK and I can modify some items.

I save the new options and close the window.

Everything seems OK. (FCR automatically generate a new SimFrameworkOption.xml file).

I close FCR Application.

I open P3Dv4 and FCR. No connection problem. But if I activate any Item of FCR Menu, FCR closes.So I have to restore the old file SimFrameworkOption.xml without any modification.


Aerosoft aircrafts ; Airbus and CRJ700


Recording is OK. But when replaying saved recording, image is very unstable, jerking and stuttering.


Any idea ?

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Hello Thank you for your purchase!


I m happy help you! First of all you must run as admin FCR otherwise i cannot have access to integrate with P3D or FSX.

Did you installed prerequisites that you find at the end of readme file?

For jerky , do you tried with camera other than Spot ? (Spot is the only can have issue...try test locked spot )

LEt me know!



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Thank you for your prompt reply.

I always run FCR as administrator.

Option (FCR Menu)
Sorry, Visual Studio was missing. Now this item works perfectly.

Aerosoft aircrafts:
You are right. It was the view selection (spot) that was involved. The locked Spot view is OK without disturbing the image.
Thank you for your comments and recommendations.
Congratulations on the excellent work you have done

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