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Question about C programming for FSX data capturer

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Hi all! It's my first time in this forum, I'm Dani, aerospace engineer from Spain and a general aviation cockpit builder using IOcards. My apologies if my English is not good.

I'm trying to make a little data capturer written in C in order to gather some data from FSX and I'm having some issues with some offsets. I'm following the C example of the SDK, but I think not all the offsets works in the same way and is the cause I'm not getting the correct values.

If I try to get size 1 variables, for example "fuel pump", "pitot heat", etc, I get the correct values: no problems.


But if the sizes are greater than 1, I can't obtain any reasonable value. Normally I obtained a mix of positive and negative values. I will put an example of what I'm doing, if its helpful:

In this code I'm trying to get the "0 to 16383" range of flaps. But I obtained for the FSX cessna 172, the following values: 0, 85, -86, -1 for each of the 4 positions.

Same happens with the gear trim and for all of diferent than 1 byte size variables, All what I obtain is random values with no sense.

I suppose I'm doing something terribly wrong but I have tried not to get away a lot of the C example of the SDK, more or less is the same structure (I added the 25 times bucle).


#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "FSUIPC_User.h"

int main()
	DWORD dwResult;

	if (FSUIPC_Open(SIM_ANY, &dwResult))
		char flaps[4];
		BOOL allOk = TRUE;
		int n = 0;
		while (n<25)
			if (!FSUIPC_Read(0x0BDC, 4, flaps, &dwResult) ||

				allOk = FALSE;

			if (allOk)
				printf("Flaps = %d\n", flaps[0]);



I have tried also to read using flaps [1], [2], and [3] but with worst results, because in the C example of the SDK you read [0] [1] and [2] to obtain hours minutes and seconds. Also I tried to use %s instead %d, and so many combinations.

Can you please provide any extra information of what I'm doing wrong to try to better understand the working of the C FSUIPC programming? My goal will be to obtain the values that comes on the offset status pdf, to after convert it to engineer values as I do in my work with ARINC protocols in real planes.




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It accepts a memory address, with the size as the second parameter (also offset size). You should define it to be the type you are actually reading.
You should also maybe check-out Paul Henty's client dll for .net / c#, as this provides a higher level abstraction that many folks find easier to use (although its for c#).
See https://forum.simflight.com/forum/167-fsuipc-client-dll-for-net/



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