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B737/700/600 A321/21N Tail Lights


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So I know the lights on the 737-700/600, A321/21N have been on since I can remember but I sort of assumed that eventually it would be taken care of. Unfortunately it hasn't. So this is just a request to hopefully take care of the 737-700/600, A321/21N lights for the next RC or SP release for the game. The tail lights for the 737-700/600, A321/21N are on constantly no matter the time of day. I wanted to see if you could correct them and have them off and only turn on when other aircraft turn on their tail lights? It's just weird to see them on at 11 in the morning on a clear day.

737 lights.PNG

321 lights 2.PNG

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Hate to be a party pooper but two airlines that I worked for both left the nav lights on at all times unless someone turned them off during maintenance (quite often me). So it is quite normal for some operators to leave the nav lights on all the time whilst the aircraft is at the terminal/ramp. 

Kev M


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I agree there are times where the lights are constantly on, however I guess realistically you never see a southwest tail during the day that bright. That's all that I'm referencing. Southwest in game doesn't have a logo just colors so it's not the worst one but other airlines that have some cool 737 700 logos, it make it almost not seeable. 

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