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Need help, several extensions not working

Dana Rippey

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I purchased Tower 3d Pro back in February of 2018 and have added several extensions, including KLAS, KBOS, KATL, KSFO, KLGA, and KPHX.  I bought a new computer in March of 2019, loaded this game on it a few months later once I had the computer set up and ready to go.  It's running Windows 10 and I set the game up to automatically start up in admin mode so I don't have to right click and select, it's just set up to do so.  However, when I start it up, the only extensions listed to play ever since I put the game on my computer are St. Thomas, KLAX, KPHL, KATL, KLGA, and KPHX.  The rest do not show up and I have verified that the extensions are in the proper place on my computer (see attached files).  I've contacted FeelThere's support but they are very slow in responding.  Does anyone know what I can do to get these other airports to show up?  I have 3D Pro for real traffic as well.  Hope I've included all the info you need.  Thanks!

Screen grab 1.png

Screen grab 2.png

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9 hours ago, crbascott said:

The time stamps being similar indicate that the folders were created by Real Traffic. 

What would be more telling is the contents of the airport folders. @Dana Rippey can you share the contents of one or more of the folders for airports you have that are not showing up?


@crbascottand @scoobflight when I installed the game and all the addons I had, I did them all on the same day, might be why they have the same dates.  Posting a shot of the contents of both KBOS and KSFO as there are different dates in both of these files.

Screen grab KBOS.png

Screen grab KSFO.png

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@Dana Rippey there are six airport files that get installed for an airport DLC. Using KBOS as an example, the file names are:


As @EliGrim mentioned you can either reinstall or search for these files and move them to the correct location. Being the curious type, I’d probably do the latter to try and understand what might have happened during the install. 

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I know when I bought my new computer and had to re install everything, unless you personally input the install directory to the correct filw when going through the install progress, it automatically creates a separate "FeelThere" file on your drive and leaves them there. I had to look for them and pull them over into the correct files. I'd try searching for them first and if you can't find them then try installing again. Once I did this, all my airports showed up correctly.

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Boy, am I embarrassed, but I am willing to admit when I make a mistake and did I make a whopper of one.  I found out why it wouldn't work.  I went back to my emails and found out these were for Tower 2011 not 3D Pro, which are two different products and 2011 addons, unfortunately, won't work on 3D Pro.  So sorry to waste your time, but that's what happens when you get old like me.  I will be buying those addons, though, for 3D!

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12 hours ago, battlehawk77 said:

@Dana Rippey Happens to the best of us. 😉

@Dana Rippeyand the worst.

I have made all my purchaes directly from feelthere/ ATC suite (not via steam or any other retailer) via BMT micro and have never had a problem with installation providing you install everything in the correct folders. There are lots of topics on this on the forum. One thing though & I am shouting KEEP YOUR DOWNLOAD EMAILS & file hard copies of them. And record ALL the details on a different  place if possible. You will need the info in the future at some time, even to just download the latest RT files.

Kev M


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