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Windows 10 rejecting FSUIPC 4.97

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I have been running FSX, PFC, GoFlight ete, for quite some time on Windows 10 without a problem.

But the other day upon starting FSX, a Microsoft message popped up saying not recommended to run FSUIPC 4.97

To options  boxes, run or don’t run.

Select run , FSX is closed down immediately from the first screen, 

Select  don’t run , FSX starts up, but eliminate FSUIPC, so no hardware runs, nothing showing up IN FSX add on menu

Windows 10 has once again taken control of my computer, now I can’t fly. 

How do I get control back, from this dreadful OS which is always giving control Bach it Microsoft 

I need help , this must have happened to other FSUIPC paid version and W10. OSs.

Regards Alan

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in case you didn't show any information of which version of FSX you use, I can only guess that it is FSX-SE and maybe then the Beta version. If it is the FSX-SE beta version you use uou need to use as well the special released FSUIPC4.974c version, otherwise FSX-SE will crash.

Read and check below. Also make sure you have the latest FSUIPC4.974 installed but the installer might not work if the Beta version is already installed.


FSUIPC 4.974c DLL only, for current 4.974 users who move on to FSX-SE Beta build 63003.
Download FSUIPC 4.974c. Unzip the DLL and put it into your FSX-SE build 63003 Modules folder.
-- NOTE that this version is identical to 4.974b except when running in FSX-SE build 63003 where the following aren't working:

-- Wind smoothing (only used in conjnction with external weather apps)
-- Friction table access
-- Mouse macros
-- SimConnect text diversion
-- AI Traffic deletion (eg for ZAP facility and traffic limiting)
-- Reading and changing traffic settings by program


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