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Removing STB AI view from View sequence?

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I have been fortunate to have the wife let me get a new Flight Sim PC for the new year. (been 5 years since the last)

I have now spend days uninstalling stuff off the old PC and installing on the new one. All is going well. The updated STB Server and Client came at a good time and I installed the OK. As I mentioned before, I use 2 instances of the Client to have a separately mounted Arrivals board and a Departure boards. During installation, I promptly turn off everything to do with AI viewing on the clients as I don't use it and during my early days it would CTD my overworked main PC running with 3 external views.

Anyhow, on the new Server PC I now seem to have a STB AI View inserted in my 'S' sequence. When cycling through the views, It seems to be looking from below the ground and slowly creates the world and prevents me from cycling back to the cockpit view.

How can I permanently remove that AI view? I can't find out where reference to it is stored. Is it inserted in to P3Ds config, or is it in the saved individual Scenario, under Users?

Plus, Anything I need to do to stop it's re-creation?



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Not something I've a lot of control over I'm sorry to say.  The only situation I am aware of that may cause this to happen is having the STB Observer feature enabled, which it is by default.  For a reason I cannot understand, LM gives us the ability to create observers but not delete them through SimConnect, and nor do they appear to give us any control over whether that appears in the view cycle or not.

STB uses an observer for a number of AI views, those where the camera is at a fixed point (i.e. the "from runway, from parking, from airport centre" views) and also the AI Flyby.  If you don't use those, you can disable the observer:

Configuration -> Settings -> AI Views tab, uncheck the "Enable AI Observer" control.

Save your STB settings, and restart P3D

That should remove it from the view cycle in P3D (because it is not created in the first place), but only after you restart P3D.



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Just woken up here in OZ to your welcome reply Simon. Your explanation and suggestion makes a lot of sense. 

I'm pretty sure I have 'Enable AI Observer' unchecked on both Clients but I may have missed it. I'll try it later today. On the new server machine, I did run the stand alone version once when I installed it. Maybe I didn't turn the AI Observer feature OFF on that and that config is hanging around.

Thanks again.


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Well, tried all the options I can think of yesterday and I can't keep the AI Observer out of the 'S' sequence.

I did find that, on P3D start up if I open up the >View menu there is a selection for >AI Observer. Opening that item there is a drop down that I can select 'STB Observer' , delete it, and it is gone for that session of P3D. Start P3D again and the STB Observer is back and I need to go through the sequence again.

Overnight, I was thinking, maybe I need to re-save the default Scenario, after deleting the STB Observer, and see what happens on start up.


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