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request simple c# demo script

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                    case "CRS1":
                        temp = this.raw_mcpcrs1.Value;
                        if (ser[1] == "1") { temp--; FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_MCP_CRS_L_SET, temp); } // rotate left.
                        else if (ser[1] == "2") { temp++; FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_MCP_CRS_L_SET, temp); } //rotate right
                        else if (ser[1] == "3") { FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS(PMDG_737_NGX_Control.EVT_MCP_VNAV_SWITCH, 1);  } //short push (APP)
                        else { } // longpush

paul.  i push in serial ticks from encoders  to c# and proces like this.
i miss about 2 or 3 out of 5 ticks.

now i do know  i can get the ticks around 5/5 into c#  so i was wonder is this a slow way to update  sim and is there a faster way?
🙂 or is this as fast as it gets. 
it just feels  " slow "
sorry its just a snippet 🙂 but its all same just other value 🙂

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I don't think you need the Process() call.The SendControlToFS() already includes its own Process() so you don't need to call Process() yourself to send the control. If there is no other reason for it being there, you can halve the time taken for each tick by removing that line.

Other than that, it will be as fast as it gets. It's going to take the time for a Process() call for each encoder 'tick'. How long that takes depends on your PC, what add-ons you're using etc. You can check for yourself by displaying the value of the following property:


Turn a few encoders so it can build an average. The value is in milliseconds.

You can also see min and max values using ProcessMin and ProcessMax.


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rodger that paul !! i remove the procces 🙂
il wil think for a solutions to "reduce" the amount of send control update to sim

have to think about how i am gonna shape this into a better way. maybe i do a timely update. to send a 1 or 2 second update 🙂 whit all ticks created at that time at once


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small update too all  🙂

i recommand too all if u run  a larger program 🙂

todo this on form startup:

Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessorAffinity = (System.IntPtr)1;

i wil make sure ure app only works on core 0; i do this to make sure that p3d doesnt share his ipc 🙂 
on my relativly extended script 🙂 i gained a lowering of 20% of cpu cores for p3d 🙂


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