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help with FS Lab A320 macro

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3 hours ago, monithi said:

I cannot make macro for a320 mcdu key press but working fine with pmdg any idea why? or how can i solve it

Aha! Thanks. You decided to start a new thread. I already answered your post on the old thread, and all I can do here is repeat more or less what I said there.

In that earlier post you said:


when trying to create macro for FS Lab MCDU button i am getting "R1:X10db120*X55cc" on every macro i tried to create

Now that tells me that your A320 is running on FSX or P3D1-3. Correct?

I'm not sure how you get the "1:" part of that encoding. It should be more like RX10db120*X55cc. The value after the X is a code address in whatever gauge file is used (shown in the .mcro file), and the X55cc is a check value which stops the macro jumping into the wrong place if the aircraft has been changed (updated). Whatever gauge or DLL it is seems to be very large -- nearly 18 Mbytes!

Are you sure that that aircraft add-on will support mouse macros? The mouse macro facility in FSUIPC4 was implemented by hacking directly into FSX or P3D code, and this process certainly doesn't work for everything.

It wasn't until P3D4.1 that facilities were provided by L-M to allow them to be used for all aircraft.

By all means show me the .mcro file you made, for me to check, but please also check how other users of the same aircraft are managing. Check in User Contributions, above, and also in the FSLabs forums. Maybe FSLabs provides another way (eg additional custom controls) to do things?



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