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FSUIPC cant install on FSX SE

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I' m really having trouble installing FSUIPC in FSX SE and hope someone can help. Latest version, runs as admin, a grey box flashes up on the screen for about 1/10th of a second then disappears. That's it. 

The only way to see the grey box is by videoing it , but I cant attach it as due to size restriction . Nothing is installed into the modules  and no log is created. I have also attached the FSX.cfg file . It looks like the install script can't find the install path, I have re-installed FSXSE but exactly the same happens. Would appreciate any thoughts, course of action, tips etc

The Gist of the grey box is :

Parameter "AppPath" not found


checking VERSION of the FSE-SE EXE:

...VERSION 10.0.63003.0 (NEED AT LEAST 10.0.62607.0)

!!WARNING !! This version of FSX-SE is later than any known by this FSUIPC4.

There may be problems. Please check for a later version of FSUIPC!

Checking compatibility with installed SimConnect:

Then, that is it.

Please help! Bitte hilfen! Au secours!


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you run the latest FSX-SE beta but the FSUIPC4 installer was not designed for it. You need to revert to latest FSX-SE and install FSUIPC4, then run FSX-SE to finish the installation. After that you can update FSX-SE to latest Beta version (63003) but you need to copy and paste (overwrite) the installed FSUIPC4.dll in ..\Modules\ folder with the special FSUIPC4.dll for that FSX-SE beta version.

Note that couple functions are not available in the FSX-SE beta version, links and description are below.


FOR FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D

Install complete FSUIPC version 4.974 Install FSUIPC4.974 for FSX, FSX-SE and Prepar3D versions 2.5, 3.0 - 3.4 (32-bit only: all versions to date of release)
Changes since 4.96 are now included in the History document in the FSUIPC Documents folder supplemented by the Changes document in the ZIP.

FSUIPC 4.974b DLL only, for current 4.974 users FSUIPC4974b.zip
-- This interim update provides an improved Lua ext library. Those included functions operating on external application windows now more reliably find and act on the top level window, as generally necessary to have effective keyboard and state changes (min/max etc) recognised and acted upon.

FSUIPC 4.974c DLL only, for current 4.974 users who move on to FSX-SE Beta build 63003.
Download FSUIPC 4.974c. Unzip the DLL and put it into your FSX-SE build 63003 Modules folder.
-- NOTE that this version is identical to 4.974b except when running in FSX-SE build 63003 where the following aren't working:

-- Wind smoothing (only used in conjnction with external weather apps)
-- Friction table access
-- Mouse macros
-- SimConnect text diversion
-- AI Traffic deletion (eg for ZAP facility and traffic limiting)
-- Reading and changing traffic settings by program


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