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Tracon!2012 Planes won't respond to clim and maintain XXXXX and they wont accept ILS or Visual Approach clearances


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When ever i give a some commands they will just respond with "Negative" not a reason but just that it works fine with "Flight Level 180" but not "Climb and Maintain one zero thousand", also ther planes won't accept approach clearances Evan within 30* of turning distance and a respectable amount of space for intercept. Please Help Me I love this game!!!!!!!! (I have read Manual)

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did you ask "say heading" and verfied the ai pilot that the plane is in a 30 degree angle? Planes need a few seconds to turn..

As Additional Information: You have to wait until you see the numbers in the command panel:


with the first line you get a "negativ", with the second you get the correct readback from the pilot. just press the Tab-key a second longer

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