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E-190 V3 Struggles to maintain altitude


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14 minutes ago, Slip342 said:

After a little more testing and reading, if the weather in the sim is set to anything but clear, the plane does these crazy oscillations occur.  I really hope there is a fix for this issue.

As was stated in the post linked before (directly below) the limitation is the FS weather engine (been buggy since FS9) ... so Lockheed Martin get right on that!


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All my FS aircraft exhibit this altitude change behavior as the barometric pressure changes the aircraft's pressure altitude then changes.  This also happens in the real world though not as dramatically.

there are add-on weather engines that moderate the effect, though don't eliminate it.

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2 hours ago, Slip342 said:

But none of my other add-on aircraft have this issue, and I have a lot of different aircraft from many different developers.  Why is this aircraft the exception?

Because you probably haven't any other add-on aircraft which have been developed with realistic coefficients - most aircraft still are developed with Microsoft's original massively over-damped settings.


Go into your P3D.cfg file and find the line "TurbulenceScale=1.000000" in the weather section. Change it to "TurbulenceScale=0.15" and see how you get on, that's roughly the correct adjustment to default weather settings and while you may find the usual overdamped aircraft continue to run on rails, aircraft which have realistic figures behave a lot better (this is NOT the only one, there are aircraft by other developers which are developed in a similar manner. Unfortunately, few of them are airliners at the moment so you may not have come across them if this is your primary style of flying).

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Well I tried to change the TurbulenceScale from 0.15 to 0.5 and I the plane is still broken, even disabled "Weather and turbulence effects on vehicle" with no fix.

I really hope that the upcoming Service Pack fixes this issue, otherwise it will just be a nice waste of 59 USD for a plane that is broken. 

But hey, it cant be the devs fault, its P3DV4 that is at fault here.

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While that specific option was not listed under the "Preferences" Tab in the Configuration utility, I just modified the value "uses default AP for altitude hold" from "1" to "0" that was in the e170.ini file.

And the aircraft maintains the set altitude perfectly. 

Thank you so much for the help!

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