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SP1 for the 175/195 has been released


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Dear Folks,


The SP for the 175/195 has been released. The 170/190 will follow hopefully next week.

You can re-download your product from the link you received during purchase. You will need to re-install the plane from scratch. Once the 170/190 is out we will release the list of fixed items in a more official announcement.

Stay safe



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3 minutes ago, raam123 said:

Download is extremly slow... it says for me 3 days to download...

A - many people are downloading so the servers are being hit all at once

B - internet services throughout the world are facing increased traffic resulting in overall slower download speeds

Try restarting the download or try again later.

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1 minute ago, tdeberle said:

Should the prior version be uninstalled BEFORE we install the SP?

Backup your livery files and then uninstall.  Be sure to run installer/installer as ADMIN.  Confirm that all feelThere Ejet files are removed before running installer AS ADMIN (a user modified file(s) may not be recognized and therefore not uninstalled).

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This tread is for the announcement of SP1 only.

Support issues, like questions about function of the plane, and/or a challenge in using the plane, need to be in their own thread.

All questions that do not relate specifically to obtaining SP1 (such as the questions like those that exist above this post) will be removed from this thread.

Thanks in advance.


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