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EDDF Runway departure operations 25C and 18


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Hello all,

Not quite clued up on how Runway 25C and 18 departures work. I know that anything on 25C cannot depart until a plane on 25L has landed and slowing down (for a full stop, not going around) and possibly the same for anything on 25R though I can't remember if that is a conflict or not, but does this apply for runway 18 as well?

I would have thought that is independent really, as even if anything on 25L had to go around, it would cross over anything on runway 18 anyway, and anything lifting off from 18 would be south of 25L.

Equally I don't think anything can take off from 25C and 18 at the same time though due to turbulance wake? 


Any help appreciated!



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Having watched Flight Radar and some videos, once someone lands on 25L or 25R, 25C can be cleared for takeoff.

Regarding 25C and 18, they cannot be cleared at the same time. Departures from each would need to be staggered. I personally depart one from 25C, and, as soon as that aircraft is directly over 18, I clear the departure off 18, though you could also easily swap that.

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When departing 25C and 18, I clear the aircraft on 18 for departure first, and as soon as it crosses M, I clear the traffic on 25C for takeoff.

Regarding departures on 18 while landing on 07R, I clear the aircraft on 18 as soon as the aircraft on final crosses it.

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