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EKCH - Copenhagen Kastrup - Real Traffic Schedule - Winter 2020


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Hej med dig!

I'm very pleased to share with you my most recent real traffic schedule - EKCH - Copenhagen Kastrup.

As with my other schedules, you'll get to experience a week in the life of a Danish air traffic controller, circa January, 2020. What you see is what they saw.

Copenhagen Kastrup is situated in eastern Denmark on the island of Amager, just across the water from the city of Malmo, Sweden. It is the largest airport in the Nordic countries. It served 30 million passengers in 2018. CPH serves as the main hub for SAS, and is also a base for Sunclass Airlines and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Airlines from around the world pay Copenhagen a visit, so the terminal area can be quite colorful.

For those that enjoy cargo operations, there is a reasonable amount of cargo traffic. GA traffic is very minimal here, as most of the area's GA flights prefer Roskilde Airport.


As with all of my other airports, all efforts have been made to use the Real Color and Real Traffic aircraft and liveries. There will be a few white aircraft. These represent several leased aircraft that are painted white anyhow. As I mentioned before, Copenhagen is a colorful place!

And here is a video of the airport in action:

Like with my previous offerings, you will find, within the main EKCH-battlehawk77-Winter 2020 folder, a folder for each day of the week, along with snippet file folders within each day to allow you a smoother and more robust traffic feel.

Also included are modified terminal and airlines text files, along with a listing of the GA operators, a PDF taxi chart, graphic and text files of the traffic levels for each day, and a text file within each day folder of the hourly traffic breakdown.

It is recommended to place the EKCH-battlehawk77-Winter 2020 folder in your main EKCH folder, then copy and paste the files needed (after you back up the originals, of course). It is also HIGHLY recommended to review the included Readme file, as it contains important operational information, along with where you need to put the included files for best results.

If you have any questions, comments, or notice any bugs, please feel free to message me here or on Discord.

God fornøjelse!

-Gavin (battlehawk77)

EKCH-battlehawk77-Winter 2020-v1.0.zip


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9 hours ago, scoobflight said:

If JustFlight is where you purchased RealTraffic you need to get the updated version download from them.

I re-downloaded and installed RT_Tower3D_PRO_sp6v21 - Is this the correct application? I also re-installed EKCH and the schedule above but same error. 

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1 hour ago, scoobflight said:

Yes correct.

You ran the installer as administrator?  You confirmed it installed to the correct location? Location details -


Thank you very much - I uninstalled Real Traffic and EKCH - Then re-installed Real Traffic as admin to the correct path, followed by EKCH and the schedule above. Working perfect now many thanks for your help, and of course Gavin for this fantastic schedule.


Stay safe!

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In your README file, for Eastbound operations, you show both arrivals and departures going from Runaway 04L. Is this really correct, do they switch to single runway operations (other than possible overflow to Runway 12/30, or did  you mistakenly put 04L rather than 04R for one of them?

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