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EMBRAER E-JETS V.2 Call! sounds missing


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Initially I was not... I've tried Windows 8 Compatibility mode and that didn't help. I'm about to try Windows 7 Compatibility mode. And to answer yer earlier question about the callouts 'v1', 'rotate', etc.. No I'm not hearing any of them either...

And the verdict is Windows 7 Compatibility mode was a waste of time too...

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22 minutes ago, Skissors_Wolf said:

verdict is Windows 7 Compatibility mode was a waste of time too

I actually was wondering if compatibility was the problem.

I'm stumped.  What you report reads like the gauges haven't been approved correct by the sim.  Since v2 release, 10+ years, I've no memory of this issue being reported.  A last ditch effort is a reinstall of FSX and rebuild the add-ons.

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3 minutes ago, Skissors_Wolf said:

There's a Steam Edition? o.O



Not sure if it will solve the issue as, again, no one has reported your problem before so looking for solutions.

IMO try reinstalling FSX and then installing the Ejet V2 you have as a first possible solution.  If that doesn't work ...

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I did... I don't know which fixed it but I went into the dll.xml file and removes all references to the non-steam version of the files and then I told FSX and Steam to run as admin. Still don't get any sound but at least it's not blocking the file now...

And I just figured the problem out... I use a software mixer... The panel hates anything that's not a direct source to the sound card. As soon as I set the speakers to the windows default sound source the sounds started working... So it looks like whenever I want to fly these planes I have to make sure the sound source is set correctly for it.

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