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Feelthere E170 V3 GSX profile

Jeffrey S. Bryner

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21 hours ago, Ryan8599 said:

Hey Jeff, do you know if there is anyway to edit my own and put it in the gsx file? Thanks appreciate the help

Hi Ryan,

You sure can. GSX comes with an in-sim graphical editor for both aircraft customization and airport customization. The GSX manual explains this in detail starting on roughly page 52, in the section titled "Airplane customization." The location of the manual is under the folder where GSX installed (i.e.: ..Addon Manager\couatl\GSX). The file name is/was GSX_manual.pdf.  It is very detailed, and all the credit in the world goes to Umberto and FSDT for providing such detailed documentation and sophisticated tools.

You can, of course, edit the config files directly. The document explains that as well and where those files are located.

Best of Luck to you.

Jeffrey S. Bryner

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5 hours ago, Ryan8599 said:

Hi Jeff, Couldn't really figure it out. Will just wait for yours... Thanks

You're welcome Ryan. Hope to get them released yet this weekend. COVID-19 quarantine giving me more time than I've had in forever to focus on such things. Actually, I've been spending time working on Alaska Air/Horizon Air "Honoring Those Who Serve Livery" for the E175 (N651QX): https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1017417/n651qx-alaska-airlines-embraer-erj-175lr-erj-170-200-lr 

There's a lot of vector artwork to (re)create for that repaint, but I'm about 50% on with it. Will get back to the GSX profiles soon.


Jeffrey S. Bryner


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  • 1 year later...

Hi Jeffrey,  I downloaded both your GSX E170 profile and E175 aircraft livery as per above. Wonderful!

Any chance you've had the opportunity to upload the GSX profiles for the rest of the FeelThere pack i.e. 175/190/195 v3?

Thank you!


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